In September 2017, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) collaborated with myHarapan, which saw each contributing MYR500,000 into the SEV fund. SEV is the pilot fund for IMPACT, a newly launched social micro-franchising initiative. IMPACT creates micro-franchising opportunities for successful Impact Driven Enterprises (IDEs) with great ideas and sustainable business models to franchise their businesses to B40 beneficiaries anywhere in the country.


To empower scalable youth-driven business solutions to solve pressing societal problems in a sustainable manner.


To bridge the gap between impact investors and youth-led social businesses and enterprises in Malaysia.

Malaysian Social Entrepreneur Looking For Funding

Pitch your business proposition to us in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Send us your pitch deck

Email your pitch deck

The Best Startup Investor Pitch Deck & How to Present to Angels & Venture Capitalists

How To Make The Perfect Startup Pitch Deck

Step 2: Get Shortlisted and invited to present live

You will have 5 minutes to pitch at SEV’s office, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. To give you a heads up, there are three main topic areas that we will likely bring up during the Q&A session:

  • Business Model Sustainability It is imperative that your business can generate an income on its own without being reliant on donors.
  • Customer Validation Methodology Based on past traction, what sort of customers have you worked with/how did you charge them/what was your feedback collection methodology?
  • Social Impact Methodology SEV only finances enterprises and business with a social impact. How do you calculate your social impact/what is your social impact data collection methodology?

Step 3: Send us your business plan once you proceed to the next stage

If your pitch is successful, we will ask you to share a bit more detail on your social project through a business plan.

myHarapan is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to nation-building efforts.

One of its mandates is the funding of scalable and sustainable youth-driven social projects. The primary focus until recently has been on micro-funding. A newly established funding arm of myHarapan, Social Enterprise Ventures (SEV), is meant to expand its funding activities by enlarging monetary allotments and enhancing them through industry-sourced coaching sessions. The focus of SEV is on youth-initiated social businesses – which are enterprises that exist to solve specific social problems for the benefit of local communities.

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