Social Entrepreneurship Development bridges together a coalition of impact partners gained through the previous two thrusts, from both private and public intermediaries that have the propensity to achieve social impact, inclusion and outcomes, such as AIM, myHarapan, Yayasan Hasanah and Girls in Tech to bring forth a wide range of programs to further develop impact driven enterprises as well as to grow the ecosystem. The Social Entrepreneurship Development will provide a convening space to drive social impact through entrepreneurship initiatives that are outward looking to ensure that the current ecosystem needs and issues are addressed, as well as cohesive to relevant ecosystem players.

How You Can Benefit From Social Entrepreneurship Development?

  • Create a sustainable financing model with appealing impact-driven projects and activities

    Participate and engage with our mentors and MasSIVE team to learn about the various ways to build a more sustainable model for your organisation to deliver impact-driven initiatives.

  • Collaborate to Enhance Partnerships for the SDGs

    Explore the power of collaboration with more than 500 impact-driven organisations, NGOs, social purpose foundations and also government agencies to foster greater collaboration through partnerships.

  • Be Accredited as with a Sound Financial Model

    Explore how the SEA Accreditation will elevate the reach and scope of your NGO.

  • Responsible Procurement

    Explore procurement of responsible and impact-driven products and services from accredited social enterprises

  • Support Impact-Driven Initiatives

    Scale the impact of social enterprises whether through impact investment or CSR programme, and together catalyse your impact to greater heights.

  • Moving Towards Being Impact-Driven

    Transition business as usual to one that not only drives impact in society, but that can enhance your company’s credibility and brand value.

  • Scaling Up

    Grow your business and impact(s) with the aim of making a different to the lives of the B40 community.

  • Kick Start Your Ideas

    Network and get the chance to experience all of MasSIVE’s programmes and unlock your potential collaboration.

  • Validate Your Ideas

    Learn about what it takes to start your own impact-driven social enterprise with our Masterclasses, Bootcamps, and more.

  • Fund Your Ideas

    Explore the various funding opportunities offered

Our Programme

Social Entrepreneurship Development Partners