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  • Design (Innovation and Design Thinking)

    Event / Course23 May 2017

    Design Thinking is an important tool for looking at the bigger picture, creating greater vision and long-term thinking. This course aims to looks at how everything is related, connected and how these can be brought together to achieve the ultimate goal. Join this session to get 2 hour sneak preview of 2 day program on design thinking.

  • Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshops: Design Thinking

    Event / Course9 March 2016

    Design matters. Speed matters. Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems. We will use design thinking to involve your team to continually challenge yourself to be creative and innovative.

  • Meet design thinking: An approach to problem solving that can increase the probability of breakthrough in innovation

    News / e2724 February 2017

    For many people, no matter the job, they naturally want to improve. CEOs like to increase earnings, account managers like to close deals, marketers like to increase sales. It is a matter of real pleasure to get better at any job…

  • Introduction To Design Thinking 101 – Part 1

    event / 4 May 2016

    Design thinking is a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation.It’s a creative and collaborative process that can be used to innovate around any issue, and it’s fun! In this hands-on workshop you will learn what design thinking is and learn to…Read More

  • Design Thinking Product Development

    event14 April 2016

    Developing a working product is a challenging task and should be constantly reviewed during the entire product life-cycle. This workshop shows you the key elements and life-cycle to develop your product, from design, UI/UX, to the user testing. Participants will…Read More

  • Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshops: Design Thinking

    event9 March 2016

    Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshop A series of program leading up to the next installation of Startup Weekend MaGIC Hackathon. The topics that will be covered in a 2 – hour workshop are based on the elements within Startup Weekend hackathon…Read More

  • Genovasi: Design Thinking Bootcamp 2015

    event11 August 2015

    The Design Thinking Bootcamp offers executives the chance to learn Design Thinking – a structured human-centred approach to innovation that leverages multidisciplinary teams, flexible environments and a creative process that can be applied to product, service, and business design. Objectives…Read More

  • Developers & Designers – Increase Your Productivity With Creative and Critical Thinking

    Event / Course19 October 2015

    Creative and Critical conversations are often driving by passion. Passion and logic are often conflicting and at odds, even in developed, established and successful companies. How are you thinking about the future of your company?

  • Developers & Designers – Increase Your Productivity With Creative and Critical Thinking

    event19 October 2015

    About the Speaker: Barry Munsterteiger is the Creative Instigator at Mozilla. This unique role spans many different teams including events, product, marketing, creative, and strategy to instill creative and critical thinking across the organization. Prior to joining Mozilla in 2011…Read More

  • Game Thinking Asia 2017

    event16 August 2017

    Use Game Thinking to create an experience worth mastering Game Thinking is based on the principles that gaming companies use to “find the fun” and drive long-term engagement. Companies like Slack, Kickstarter, Snapchat, Musical.ly, and Happify already use Game Thinking…Read More

  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Event / Course24 May 2017

    This training program is designed to train participants on how to apply critical thinking in decision making by using tools and processes to create a systematic vs an intuitive decision making process. Join this session to get 2 hour sneak preview of 2 day program on how you can sharpen your critical thinking skills.

  • He was the design head of Adobe. Here’s how he thinks startups can get better at UX

    News3 June 2016

    Design thinking often depends on the circumstances. The user experience of a mobile app for users in India, for example, may have to allow for poor connectivity.
    It also depends on attitude. In India, for example, a jugaadu (hacky) mindset is extolled – often at the expense of…

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