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  • MA2015 #1- Podcast

    News25 September 2015

    The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) hosted the second Magic Academy 2015 symposium that provided crucial…

  • Dave McClure: having fun and being silly is at the core of 500 Startups

    News22 September 2015

    Dave McClure, founding partner at 500 Startups, needs no introduction. The opinionated VC is a regular speaker at tech conferences around the world, has a widely-read and influential blog, and is doubling down on portfolio companies in Asia…

  • Paths to programming

    News21 September 2015

    ASK a person on the street how to become a programmer and you’re likely to be told that you should study computer science. However, this isn’t entirely true…

  • 7 Basic Startup Weapons For Newbie Entrepreneurs

    News18 September 2015

    Here are 7 startup tools that new startup companies can find useful to help strengthen their position when first starting out…


    News17 September 2015

    Every form of business will require entrepreneurs to do some form of calculation and as Yeoh puts it, “Anything worth building, is worth measuring.”…

  • Macro-view of Malaysian ecosystem with MaGIC’s Cheryl Yeoh

    News17 September 2015

    Yeoh, MaGIC CEO, says young entrepreneurs need to be more diligent and focussed on perfecting one product feature at a time…

  • Out to educate

    News14 September 2015

    The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) successfully concluded its four-day MaGIC Academy 2015 (MA2015) Symposium last week…

  • Home to a Southeast Asian unicorn, Malaysia is a hotspot for startups

    News10 September 2015

    With increased government support and funding from VCs, Malaysia is cultivating a vibrant startup scene, and MaGIC wants to help nurture it…

  • MaGIC collaborates to create more entreprenuers

    News10 September 2015

    The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) will open its door to collaboration with developed countries to create more aspiring entrepreneurs focusing on global innovation and creativity…

  • Panpages Digital SME Day 2015

    event / 9 September 2015

    When: Wed, September 9, 8am – 5pm, 2015 Where: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Admission: Free Info: Event | Register | Venue | Streetview Be a Storm Chaser! Fire up your engines and beat your competitors by learning…Read More

  • The Tipping Point SG #2

    event / 10 September 2015

    We’re inviting you to Vulcan Post’s second meet-up in Singapore! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an idea-monger, or are simply looking for a good time, join us for a night of networking, drinks, and insights from our speakers to learn how…Read More

  • Creative All Stars 2015

    event14 September 2015

    The Next Best Thing could be you! As creativity embraces a myriad of media possibilities, new skill sets come into play in a wireless, borderless world. This global gathering of breakthrough thinkers who will inspire marketers and the creative community…Read More

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