News / 26 April 2016

What initiatives has the Malaysian government introduced to boost startups?

By Edison Chen



Driven by the growth of high Internet usage and the disposable income in recent years, e-commerce is becoming a hot topic among all the nations. Furthermore, supported by hitherto unexploited and favourable business environments, the Southeast Asian region is attracting thousands of international companies to set up branches in order to offset the slowdown in their growth revenue.

However, it seems that most of the local e-commerce players in countries, except in Singapore, did not catch the first waves to expand and become stronger. The numbers were not comparable to those from western countries or Japan (See : 10 Facts You Should Know Before Starting Business In Southeast Asia) and, truth to be told, their performances were also not outstanding.

Although these startups are lagging behind fiercer competitors, governments can help them catch up. They have launched several projects aimed at developing a full-fledged e-commerce environment. This includes incubators attracting promising startup teams to boost national competitiveness– and more importantly, assisting local business to compete on the global stage.


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