News / 17 April 2015

Startup Grind with Cheryl Goh

On 26th June, we had Cheryl Goh, Regional Marketing Manager of MyTeksi, speaking at theStartup Grind Kuala Lumpur event at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in Cyberjaya.



Over 50 participants attended the Startup Grind event to hear Cheryl Goh’s story.


As the woman behind the extraordinary and successful marketing strategy of MyTeksi, she played a pivotal role in the company’s regional user growth.

She is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship and tech startup scene as she was previously the Co-Founder and Advisor of Social Walk, General Manager of Group Digital Marketing & Business Development at Edaran Tan Chong Motors, Head of NSTP e-media at New Straits Times Press Berhad, VP Products and Friendster and VP Business Development at MOL Access Portal Berhad.

The fireside chat session was lead by Daniel Cerventus Lim, Founder of NextUp Asia and curator in TedxKL.

The event kicked off with Cheryl sharing her experiences in the tech startup scene in her days before MyTeksi. She took a swing at entrepreneurship where she co-founded Social Walk. However, she found that managing the startup, in addition to the acquisition of Friendster proved to be difficult.

She advised the audience to devote their time and commitment to a startup for it to be successful. “A successful startup needs to be full time,” she said.

For a startup to be successful, Cheryl said that she strongly believes that building a long lasting and sustainable relationship with partners and co-founders is important.

“You cannot be the only winner, your partner, the person you’re working with also needs to win too. That makes a great relationship.”



Cheryl Goh (left) and Daniel Cerventus Lim (right) during the Startup Grind event.


She also shared her experiences as MyTeksi’s Regional Marketing Manager where she said that the team is the key success factor.

“If you ask me what the key success factors are, it’s the team. That’s why we work so well. We have soul. If you talk to anyone from MyTeksi, they all have fire and this is where it helps us make the right decisions.”

Cheryl said when targeting a certain audience, there must be a thorough understanding of the customers.

“We decided focus on the tech community because they are tech savvy, are influencers and have smartphones. So, what Aaron (Regional Head of Product for MyTeksi) and I did was to speak at as many tech events as possible to create awareness within this target group.”

It was no smooth journey for MyTeksi during their regional expansion as they faced cultural barriers. For example, in Philippines, there was a problem with the spelling of the product and the solution for MyTeksi is to rename themselves as GrabTaxi for the overseas markets. The solutions offered by MyTeksi also differs from country to country.

Cheryl said that it is important to understand the local and cultural context in which the company operates in. She said that while the main concern in Malaysia is safety and taxi drivers not using the meter, the people in Singapore uses MyTeksi due to its convenience of booking taxi services through the mobile applications. She found that the taxi drivers in Singapore will ask the passengers, “Excuse me, do you grab?”

As a marketer with an idea, you need to have a strong conviction that the idea would work and back it up with data and small tests. “You need to believe in it enough such that you can tell your boss, “I will put my head on the chopping block if it doesn’t work.” That’s how sure you need to be,” she said.

She also told the audience that the measurement for the success of a marketing campaign relies on determining the most important metric in any company.

“For us, it’s the rides. Rides only happen when customers make the booking and the driver accepts.”



“Build relationships that lasts,” Cheryl Goh said.


Cheryl said that the core values is what makes or breaks a company.

“Personally, I think what makes us different is the core values that MyTeksi embodies. And how the founders embody that. We are here to solve a problem, not merely to get to an IPO. This fundamental value to solve real problems is why we have managed to emerge as leaders in markets that we’ve expanded into.”

In response to the question of whether MyTeksi intends to expand to the West, she said, “South East Asia is like a baby China, with 600M people. We have not even touched the tip of the iceberg, so there’s a long way to go.”

MyTeksi is an independent taxi booking mobile application that aims to change the way 600 million people across Southeast Asia move and is the region’s number one taxi booking mobile app.

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