News / 17 April 2015

Driving Successful Startups with Google Analytics

The Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) hosted Google Business Group (GBG) Malaysia in their meet up on the topic “Driving Successful Startups with Google Analytics” on Saturday, 12 July 2014, at MaGIC’s headquarters, Cyberjaya.



The GBG Malaysia event held at the R&R Lounge in MaGIC


This event is aimed to raise awareness among the attendees on what Google Analytics is all about and how metrics impact marketing decisions.

David Alan Bates, a Google Analytics Specialist for the last three years, led the talk. He is a web analytics and optimisation consultant, helping clients convert more and better online.

David kicked off the event by defining what Google Analytics can do to help startups. He said that Google Analytics help in discovering new opportunities, customer trends, improve delivery, enhance web layout and in decision making.



“It’s about driving something. It used to be people coming to your site but you can’t sit there and wait. It’s about how you acquire visitors” – David Bates


He then explained how Google Analytics worked. Google Analytics uses an identity (ID) number where it tracks one user across multiple platforms.

He also introduced Universal Analytics where it has a set of features that change the way data is collected and organized in a Google Analytics account for a better understanding of how users interact with online content. Where the old user metrics track language, country, city, operating systems, service providers, browsers and screen resolution, the new user metrics track age, gender, affinity and market segments in addition to what was offered by the old user metrics.



David comparing the old versus the new user metrics.


Ultimately, the metrics track clicks on advertisement placements, RSS feed, sales and subscriptions. This will help in determining which advertisement placements are the most effective.

Google Analytics would help in form fields where you would be able to track where the participants dropped off, skipped or abandoned which questions. This information would be useful to better tailor future questions to participants in acquiring accurate results.



With more than 50 attendees during the GBG event at MaGIC.


Two main things to worry about when using Google Analytics are attribution and user behaviour. Attribution determines where these people came from and how people chose your website. User behaviour is the user flow, GQ tracks user flow based on pageviews with goals and event tracking, you can track the user flow of parameters you set up.

David also said that the two essential products to link to your startup; Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords. When Webmaster is linked to Google Analytics, there would be better attribution where it will display a list of the keywords the visitors to your website. On the other hand, when Google Adwords is linked to Google Analytics, it identifies the time where the website has the most traffic.

“Even if you don’t use Google Analytics, it’s there for you to enable,” he said.

He announced that Universal Analytics would be accessible for everyone to use.



“Analytics is all about testing, enhancing and repeat. The analogy is that it’s never perfect, but you can evolve.”


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