News / 28 June 2018

How Alan Cheah drives the growth of homegrown car-sharing app, GoCar

When you’re young and buzzing with energy, venturing into network engineering in a pre-WiFi era may be a creative death sentence. Alternatively, it might bore you to no end – which was the case of Alan Cheah’s early career.

Today, the chief executive officer finds himself spearheading Malaysia’s first home-grown car-sharing app, GoCar Malaysia. While Grab offers the service of a ride to your destination, GoCar offers you quick access to the nearest car-to-rent.

Perhaps the only aspect tying these vocations together is technology, for which Alan always had an inclination. He ventured into training, made a maid-booking app, and consulted regional businesses before being presented with the offer that would define the next phase of his career: joining the founding team of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Here, he helped grow the company while honing his own skills as a communicator, leader, and marketer.


by: Theresa Belle

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