Malaysia's Social Inclusion & Vibrant Entrepreneurship (MasSIVE) bridges together a coalition of impact partners gained through the previous two thrusts, from both private and public intermediaries that have the propensity to achieve social impact, inclusion and outcomes, such as iM4U, AIM, myHarapan, Yayasan Hasanah and Girls in Tech to bring forth a wide range of programs to further develop impact driven enterprises as well as to grow the ecosystem. MasSIVE will provide a convening space to drive social impact through entrepreneurship initiatives that are outward looking to ensure that the current ecosystem needs and issues are addressed, as well as cohesive to relevant ecosystem players.

How You Can Benefit From MasSIVE?

  • Create appealing projects and a sustainable model

    Join various industry consultation and mentorship sessions, fireside chats, roundtables, and coaching sessions with our panel of experts to find out how you can create attractive and high quality projects and transform your business model.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with over 500 social purpose organisations, impact driven enterprises, and not-for-profit and non-government organisations to foster greater collaboration in social service delivery.

  • Explore sustainable procurement

    Explore opportunities to collaborate or work with various impact driven enterprises all under one roof.

  • Fund impact projects or investments

    Interested to be part of ground breaking impact projects to make a difference? Discover corporate social investment / CSR programmes that could catalyse your impact to new heights.

  • Make money create impact

    A two part series that focuses on inspiring businesses to transition their businesses to become impact-driven, leading to a detailed breakdown on what it takes to make the transition.

  • Scale your business

    Increase your awareness, identify impact areas, and be guided in opportunities to scale up your business whilst making a differences to the lives of the B40 community.

  • Validate your ideas

    Learn what it takes to be an IDE and build a scalable business.

  • Fundraising options

    Find out about the various funding opportunities that the social service sector has to offer.

  • Kick start your project

    Network with over 500 SPOs and impact driven enterprises to unlock potential collaboration.

Our Programme

  • Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation (IDEA)

    A programme aims to create systemic shift by involving private and public sectors to drive social procurement

  • Buy For Impact

    Buy for Impact uses your purchasing power as an individual or an organisation to create a positive impact on our society or environment

  • Social Impact Exchange

    A programme that gives corporations and individuals access to high performing Social Purpose Organisations (SPO)

  • Actyvate

    A crowd pledging platform for youths to create and realise their ideas for the betterment of the community and the future

  • Pemangkin Usahawan Sosial Hebat (PUSH)

    PUSH aims to enhance positive social impact nationwide by scaling inclusive businesses through micro-franchising opportunities that will elevate the b40 community

  • Impact4Humanity

    A programme that will develop potential solutions in identified Impact Areas

MasSIVE Partners