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Vice President, Marketing & Community

Accepting Application

Posted 9 March, 2020

Fixed Term Contract


About the Job

  • The Vice President (VP) will be the strategic lead for all marketing and community outreach strategies. The VP will supervise both external marketing and internal communications functions to align the brand message and will be responsible for planning, organizing, staffing and managing all marketing and community initiatives. 
  • The VP will lead in developing awareness for MaGIC’s corporate mission, enhance brand recognition, increase end-user engagement through digital and traditional marketing & community strategies and channels. 
  • The job will also involve a wide range of initiatives which includes: encouraging greater collaboration between MaGIC and potential partners. 



  • Marketing & Community Strategy Development – Formulating and implementing the strategic plans and directions for marketing & community strategies and tactical plans to achieve company objectives. All departmental reports to be done for the review of senior management and CEO
  • Brand Management – Create, maintain and ensure brand management, brand messaging, brand standards, signages and advertising campaigns
  • Marketing and Communications – Lead direct marketing, public relations, advertising, online marketing, social media, event marketing and internal/external creative services. Serves as a thought leader to find and introduce innovative strategies for MaGIC in portraying MaGIC as the global innovation and creativity centre for entrepreneurs, ecosystem and future industries.
  • External Awareness – Maintaining awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards, and so forth. Generally, seeking to stay in tune with any opportunities that the organisation can leverage.
  • Financial Management & Budget Planning – Understands the organisation‘s financial processes. Prepares, justifies, and administers all marketing & community budget for all marketing and Community activities. Oversee procurement, monitor expenditures and use cost-benefit thinking to set priorities. Also responsible for budget planning and reconciliation.
  • Project Management – Ensure that all major projects are managed by appropriate project management processes and to required standards, delivered on time and within agreed budgets and by using cost-based models. Ensure value for money in securing additional or external project management skills and resources when required to deliver the projects. Manage strategic key initiatives as assigned by the CEO and/or members of the Board of Directors.
  • Other Duties – Other duties as assigned by the CEO or Board of Directors. This might include brief assignments working closely with other departments or organisations.


  • Develop and implement integrated strategic marketing and communications plan to advance MaGIC brand identity; broaden awareness of its programmes and priorities; and increase the visibility of its programmes across key stakeholder audiences.
  • Create a marketing/public relations strategy that will allow MaGIC Top Management to cultivate and enhance meaningful relationships with targeted, high-level external audiences, including the media and key stakeholders, including corporate and government partners.
  • Identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the organisation, working with the leadership team and staff to recognize internal and external marketing and communications opportunities and solutions, and define and execute appropriate strategies to support them.
  • Develop all elements of MaGlC’s social business, designing and driving MaGlC’s social media strategy and tactics.
  • Serve as marketing and communications subject matter expert, both internally and to MaGIC’s stakeholders/external clients.


  • Oversee development of all MaGIC’s print communications including the annual report, marketing collateral materials and electronic communications including MaGlC’s website and new media; manage relationships with associated vendors.
  • Serve as a spokesperson and lead point person on media interactions that help promote and/or impact the organisation.
  • Review the quality as well as the effectiveness of existing advertising materials and marketing collaterals (physical and digital), such as brochures, flyers, posters, pamphlets, television commercials, online advertisements, print materials, etc and develop improvement plans for team execution. 
  • Oversees and plan surveys or user feedback mechanisms/platform, deployment of new digital tools and websites improvements to meet customer needs.
  • Develop and plan strategic content of physical/digital/social media channels including MaGIC website and B744 website to increase brand presence and awareness, end-user engagement and traction/conversion.
  • Develop a dashboard of key metrics to measure and track the timeliness and effectiveness of marketing strategies, initiatives, activities and campaigns as well as its implementation performance and develop improvement plans for the future. 
  • Oversee and ensure top performance of external appointed agencies, vendors, SLAs and direct reports, as well as adherence to budget and timelines.
  • Develop and oversee campaign planning, execution, and performance measurement across all products/ services and develop improvement plans. 
  • Oversees project prioritisation and timeline management with internal stakeholders.
  • Plan and develop the MaGIC Annual Report and Impact Report annually. 
  • Oversee press and media relations and develop strategic plans for content and editorials.
  • Plans and oversees the management of internal events and programmes. 
  • Keeps up to date with the latest trends and demands for innovation-driven entrepreneurship/startup programmes, activities and related services.
  • Exercise judgment to prioritize media opportunities, and prepare talking points, speeches, presentations and other supporting materials as needed.
  • Actively engage, cultivate, and manage press relationships to ensure coverage surrounding MaGIC programmes, special events, public announcements, and other projects.
  • Actively recruit and establish a media and advertising sponsor.
  • Oversee development of Community & Outreach programme policy, goals, and operational guidelines, as well as the organisational and individual partnerships necessary to carry out the community programmes.
  • Ensure to provide relevant development and training for community & outreach staff and participants.
  • Direct and strategise the development of Community & Outreach programme timeline and milestone for each Community Outreach Programmes to ensure it is delivered on-time, within budget, with high impact and quality.
  • Strategise Community Outreach programmes and ensure relationships are being maintained with community organisations and individuals to carry out the community outreach programmes.
  • Monitor and update all reports for Senior Management on the Programme Outcome and  Impact.

Job Requirements

  • Tertiary education in Business Management or related.
  • 10 — 15 years of experience in a job-related functional area.
  • Demonstrated experience and leadership in managing comprehensive strategic marketing and communications, media relations, and marketing programmes to advance an organisation’s mission and goals. 
  • Innovative thinker, with a track record for translating strategic thinking into action plans and output. 
  • Experience in building, mentoring, and coaching a team of marketing and communications specialists. 
  • Excellent judgment and creative problem-solving skills, including negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Superior management skills; ability to influence and engage direct and indirect reports and peers. 
  • Ability to make decisions in a changing environment and anticipate future needs. 
  • Energetic, flexible, collaborative and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical finance and administration initiatives.
  • Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with senior management, Board of Directors and staff. 
  • Ability to operate as an effective tactical as well as a strategic thinker. 
  • Excellent and persuasive communicator. 
  • Ability to partner well with colleagues both in and outside of the organisation. 
  • Ability to work independently and to undertake supervisory responsibilities as needed. 
  • In addition to overall day-to-day competence and cultural fit, the candidate must present herself/himself well in a public forum and conference.

About Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre ( MaGIC)

MaGIC enables and supports the sustainable growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Our goal is to drive sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem development through innovation and creativity by creating value and new economic drive for Malaysia. We help entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey by collaborating with other government agencies, industries and stakeholders. To build our nation’s innovation and creativity skills as well as grow talent, we offer dynamic programmes and capacity-building initiatives. MaGIC also positions Malaysia as a gateway into ASEAN for entrepreneurs to expand their business and reach. Social entrepreneurship is a key focus for us too as we aim to drive the movement forward through community engagement, capability development and social impact measurement initiatives.

MaGIC is an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) with a mandate that realises the aspirations of the National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 (Dasar Keusahawanan Nasional 2030) and contributes to the evolution of Malaysia into an entrepreneurial nation.