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Senior Executive, Social Entrepreneurship Development

Accepting Closed

Posted 21 October, 2019



About the Job

This position requires the eligible individual to plan and facilitate the accreditation of at least 1000 SEs by 2025, through strategy planning and development with the SED team to eventually build and grow a strong and steady pool of recognised, credible and accredited SEs.


  • To assist, plan, implement and manage the accreditation of social enterprises as per the SE.A guidelines.
  • To facilitate the accreditation process
  • To support the Company in all matters pertaining to enhancing awareness and knowledge on the SE.A platform, and to collaborate and work across departments to meet this goal
  • To assist in conduct and deliver a monthly Council meeting for the Council Committee to evaluate the audited SEs for accreditation.
  • To assist in all paperwork and meetings regarding items (1) to (4) as mentioned above.

Job Requirements

  • At least a University degree, other professional credentials will be considered.
  • Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • At least 3 to 5 years working experience is preferred with special preference for candidates that have a strong accounting background.
  • Audit background is preferred.
  • This individual needs to be a good communicator, with strong interpersonal skills especially when handling SEs that are potential companies for accreditation.
  • This individual needs to have a strong sense of patience, diplomatic, a problem solver, with an eye for detail (especially during the process of auditing).
  • Additionally, this individual will also need to be creative, innovative and explorative to design, recommend, and facilitate the goal of the set targeted KPI for the department.
  • Soft Skills: Managerial/Supervisory Skill, Negotiation skill, Presentation Skills, Business Acumen, Interpersonal skill

Hard Skill: Specific programming skills, Specific MS (Microsoft Office) skills

About Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre ( MaGIC)

Our Vision
Global leading creativity & innovation centre for entrepreneurs

Our Mission
To build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem
To catalyse creativity & innovation for long term nation impact

Empowering the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation
MaGIC was first announced in October 2013 during the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Kuala Lumpur. Cyberjaya plays home to the Centre as it is progressively becoming the preferred location for the technology-driven startup community.

On April 27th 2014, MaGIC was launched by President Barack Obama and Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister with 7000 aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance. As part of the launch, MaGIC signed a memorandum of understandings with Stanford University and UP Global to further foster and develop a vibrant startup ecosystem in Malaysia and beyond.