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Node.js backend developer

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Posted 1 August, 2019


Petaling Jaya

About the Job

Passion to make a large impact and contribute to a growing product and engineering team


Work hard as a start to understand the data structure, then work smart to deliver result.

Job Requirements

– Proficient knowledge in backend language Node.js
– Familiar with front-end languages JavaScript, HTML, CSS is a plus
– Familiar with AWS services such as API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2 instance, Redis (RDS), Elasticache, S3
– Working knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL databases
– Proficient with version control software e.g. Gitlab / Bitbucket
– Able to translate and test algorithms into backend functions
– Able to maintain and create proper documentations
– Passion to make a large impact and contribute to a growing product and engineering team

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About Hexon Data Sdn Bhd

We make the movement of people and solid waste great

Formally incorporated locally in Malaysia on 19 April 2017, Hexon Data Sdn Bhd (1227841-V) is a data company with a focus on the transportation of people, goods and solid waste. We have footprint in government sector, public transport and solid waste transportation. The company is registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) and has obtained ePerolehan procurement permits from Penang and Selangor state governments. The company is free from litigation, as well as the staff are free from any criminal records.

Combining our expertise in data science, hardware integration and domain knowledge, we strive to solve clients’ challenges and add value to our clients, by making use of profitable data-driven insights to cut costs (waste), enhance revenues, optimize operations (i.e. match the supply with demand), and improve reputation.