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Posted 20 November, 2017


Kuala Lumpur

About the Job

As a fresh startup, in Kravve, you will work directly with the founders as part of the core team in shaping the direction of the company and driving growth.

1. Learn how to run a startup
2. Involve in business decision
3. Participate in fundraising journey
4. Super hands-on experience
5. Do the non-intern job!

You will be exposed to and taught to do the following:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Project management and tools
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales & partnership
  • Growth hacking
  • Marketing & business fundamentals
  • Website building
  • Business Development
  • Running a company

We will discuss on what do you want to learn during your interview so that you can maximise your learnings during your internship.


  • Lead our social media marketing initiative (of course, we will guide you along)
  • Involve in all digital media initiative (Facebook advertising, etc)
  • Take charge & execute special projects
  • Serve as a bridge between Customers & Merchants
  • Assist in any other operations & marketing task whenever it is needed.

* You are also encouraged to come up with an idea and own the project during your internship.

Job Requirements

  • Responsible and willingness to learn.
  • Proactive in company discussions.
  • Self-initiative in projects.
  • Willing to take up responsibilities and own it up!

Your academic results doesn’t matter. Show us your best side during the interview.


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About Kravve.co

Kravve.co is a discovery channel for Malaysian homemade food & snacks. You can find 200+ homemade goodies all on one platform.

It is also a management platform for individuals to sell food online and to make extra income. Kravve help sellers to save 80% time and cost in managing their business online, so they can focus on doing things that matter.

We believe that with Kravve, everyone can run a food business online without a physical space. With a market cap of estimating US 12.9 billion in the food servicing industry, Kuala Lumpur is a great starting point.

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