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Marketing intern

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Posted 10 April, 2018


kuala lumpur

About the Job

Marketing / Digital marketing


  • Manage social media page (facebook, instagram, twitter) and email marketing
  • Brain storm on promotion and branding of company
  • Craft compelling content for social media posting
  • Analyse trends, demography and needs of social media audience, provide recommendations on how to improve social media page
  • Lead generation through various channels
  • Participate in projects of Golog (e.g. Valentines promotion)

Job Requirements

  • Proficient in English, Malay, Chinese language for content writing purpose
  • Having a keen sense for continuous improvement and enhancement of the project
  • Willing to take on multiple challenges, self-managable under pressure, and a strong teamwork ethic
  • Passion and drive for the better
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About Golog

Smart Logistics Platform to improve logistics industry and consumer behaviour through machine learning and sharing economy

GoLog is a software application which acts as a connecting platform for those who want to deliver their items and those who are willing to deliver it. Currently, GoLog focuses in point to point delivery where items will not be thrown around and delayed in warehouses.

Our plan is to have a full fledge logistic service and provide delivery service nationwide in the future. However, it will only be achieved if there're more people using it. Don't everyone likes fast and efficient delivery service nationwide?

Why not have your items tracked and drivers to personalise your delivery? Changing delivery address and have items delivered to where you are, just 10minutes before driver reaches the designated delivery address?