Global Accelerator Program


Gap Mentors

  • Alan Cheah

    Alan Cheah
    COO, GoCar Mobility

  • Amit Sutha

    Amit Sutha
    Managing Director, Ensemble Worldwide and Universal McCann

  • Andre Sequerah

    Andre Sequerah
    Ex-CEO, Aexio

  • Anushia Kandasamy

    Anushia Kandasamy
    Founder, Raintree Consulting

  • Anwar Jumabhoy

    Anwar Jumabhoy
    Author & Coach, Beyond Corporate Entrepreneurship Consulting

  • Chelsey Lepage

    Chelsey Lepage
    Innovation Lead, UNICEF

  • Chen Chow Yeoh

    Chen Chow Yeoh
    Co-Founder, Fave

  • Clarence Leong

    Clarence Leong
    CEO, EasyParcel

  • Daniel Loy

    Daniel Loy
    Director, Centre of Learning & Innovation, Petrosains

  • David Chmelar

    David Chmelar
    Co-Founder & CEO, iPrice Group

  • Eddy Han

    Eddy Han
    AVP of Ops, Zomato

  • Edward Ong

    Edward Ong
    Founder & Creative Director, Borderless

  • Fadzarudin Anuar

    Fadzarudin Anuar
    CEO, FashionValet

  • Faisal Ariff

    Faisal Ariff
    Founder, BorderPass

  • Freda Liu

    Freda Liu
    Producer, BFM

  • Hans-Peter Ressel

    Hans-Peter Ressel
    Managing Director, Lazada

  • Heinrich Wendel

    Heinrich Wendel
    Co-founder / CTO, iPrice Group

  • Hideki Fujita

    Hideki Fujita
    Investor, Segnel Ventures

  • Ivan Lim

    Ivan Lim
    Senior Investment Associate, Intres Capital Partners

  • Jes Min Lua

    Jes Min Lua
    Founder, RecomN

  • John Fong

    John Fong
    Managing Director, Woodwing

  • Ken Lau

    Ken Lau
    Mentor In Residence, GAP

  • Lais De Oliveira

    Lais De Oliveira
    Mentor In Residence, GAP

  • Lionel Liong

    Lionel Liong
    Special Officer to CEO, Jobstreet

  • Mark Leo

    Mark Leo
    Program Manager, Maybank

  • Marlo Ongpin

    Marlo Ongpin
    Director of Digital Strategy, Ensemble Worldwide

  • Nadhir Ashafiq

    Nadhir Ashafiq
    Co-Founder & Executive Director,

  • Nicholas Sagau

    Nicholas Sagau
    Group General Manager, MediaPrima Digital

  • Rashvin Pal Singh

    Rashvin Pal Singh
    Co-Founder & CEO, Biji-Biji

  • Ren Yi Chin

    Ren Yi Chin
    Co-Founder, myBurgerLab

  • Sasibai Kimis

    Sasibai Kimis
    Co-Founder & Managing Director, Earth Heir

  • Su Ann Lim

    Su Ann Lim
    Industry Manager of E-commerce, Travel & Finance, Google

  • Su Ann Lim

    Syed Ahmad Fuqaha
    Founder & CEO, Katsana

  • Syakir Hashim

    Syakir Hashim
    Co-Founder & COO, SkolaFund

  • Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah

    Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah
    President, MBAN

  • Winnie Chen-Head

    Winnie Chen-Head
    Marketing Consultant

  • Woei Hern Chan

    Woei Hern Chan
    Executive Creative Director, Ensemble Worldwide

  • Zaman Ahmad

    Zaman Ahmad
    CEO, A Cyber Security Firm

  • Ziad Hafiz Abdul Razak

    Ziad Hafiz Abdul Razak
    Executive Vice President and Partner, PEMANDU Associates


  • Khailee Ng

    Khailee Ng
    Managing Partner, 500 Startups

  • Jamaludin Bujang

    Jamaludin Bujang
    Managing Partner, 500 Startups

  • Koichi Saito

    Koichi Saito
    Founder, KK Fund

  • Adrian Vanzyl

    Adrian Vanzyl
    CEO, Ardent Capital

  • Lim Kuo-Yi

    Lim Kuo-Yi
    Partner, Monk’s Hill

  • Chok Kwee Bee

    Chok Kwee Bee
    Managing Director, Teak Capital

  • Matthew Badalucco

    Matthew Badalucco
    VP, Catcha Group

  • Ng Sai Kit

    Ng Sai Kit
    Executive Director, Captii Ventures

  • Victor Chua

    Victor Chua
    Investment Director, Gobi Partners

  • Manabu Miyazaki Morgan

    Manabu Miyazaki Morgan
    Principal, IMJ Investment Partners

  • Jeffrey Char

    Jeffrey Char
    Founder, J-Seed Ventures

  • Erman Akinci

    Erman Akinci
    Director of Business Development, Catcha Group

  • Tim Marbach

    Tim Marbach
    CEO & Founder, Asian Venture Group

  • Amin Shafie

    Amin Shafie
    Partner, QuestMark

  • Xelia Tong

    Xelia Tong
    VP – Investments, Cradle

  • Jeffrey Paine

    Jeffrey Paine
    Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

  • Bryan Chung

    Bryan Chung
    COO, PropellarCrowdPlus / Netrove

  • Alexander Jarvis

    Alexander Jarvis
    Founder, 50Folds

  • Denning Tan

    Denning Tan
    CEO, Inmaginator

  • Araya Hutasuwan

    Araya Hutasuwan
    CFO, Ardent Capital

  • Patrick Grove

    Patrick Grove
    Group CEO and Chairman, Catcha Group

  • Douglas Khoo

    Douglas Khoo
    Co-Founder, Qunar

  • Yoshi A. Okamoto

    Yoshi A. Okamoto
    Founder & Executive Director, SHO-Zemi Innovation Ventures (SZIV)

  • Kuan Hsu

    Kuan Hsu
    General Partner, KK Funds


  • Dinesh Nair

    Dinesh Nair
    Director, Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft

  • John Fitzpatrick

    John Fitzpatrick
    Startup Ecosystem Business Development Manager, Amazon

  • Marc Woo

    Marc Woo
    Head of E-commerce & Travel Malaysia, Google Malaysia

  • Nimal Manuel

    Nimal Manuel
    Senior Partner & Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co.

  • Mohd Khairil Abdullah

    Mohd Khairil Abdullah
    CEO, Axiata Digital Services

  • Dave Baldwin

    Dave Baldwin
    Director, Strategy, Axiata Digital Services

  • Tom Kosnik

    Tom Kosnik
    Consulting Professor, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

  • Praveen Rajan Nadarajan

    Praveen Rajan Nadarajan
    Chief Digital Officer, Digi

  • Henry Goh

    Henry Goh
    Group Chief Operating Officer, Macrokiosk

  • Pinky Tham

    Pinky Tham
    Partner Manager, Facebook

  • Mark Chang

    Mark Chang
    Founder, Jobstreet

  • Azran Osman Rani

    Azran Osman Rani
    CEO, iflix

  • Anthony Tan

    Anthony Tan
    CEO and Co-Founder, Grab

  • Goh Ai Ching

    Goh Ai Ching
    Co-Founder and CEO, Piktochart

  • Christy Ng

    Christy Ng

  • Hoseok Kim

    Hoseok Kim
    CEO, 11Street Malaysia

  • Andy Sitt

    Andy Sitt
    Founder, 123RF

  • Joel Neoh

    Joel Neoh
    Founder, Fave Group

  • Vishen Lakhiani

    Vishen Lakhiani
    Founder and CEO, Mindvalley

  • Malek Ali

    Malek Ali
    Founder, BFM

  • Arun Verma

    Arun Verma
    Principal, Tune Labs

  • Hugh Batley

    Hugh Batley
    Founder, Lion & Lion

  • Chan Kee Siak

    Chan Kee Siak
    Founder & CEO, Exabytes Network

  • Cheryl Goh

    Cheryl Goh
    Group Vice President of Marketing, Grab

  • Kai Kux

    Kai Kux
    Managing Director, AVG

  • Jef Ong

    Jef Ong
    CEO, Flexiroam

  • Choong Fui-Yu

    Choong Fui-Yu
    Co-Founder and CEO, Kaodim

  • Cheryl Yeoh

    Cheryl Yeoh
    Founding CEO, MaGIC

  • Joash Wee

    Joash Wee
    Head of Expansion, Between

  • Ian Ho

    Ian Ho
    Regional Managing Director, Shopee

  • Nick Nash

    Nick Nash
    Group President, Garena Online

  • Francesca Chia

    Francesca Chia

  • Samuel Wee

    Samuel Wee
    General Manager, REV Asia (

  • Lim Kok Hing

    Lim Kok Hing
    Executive Director, iPay88

  • Ganesh Kumar Bangah

    Ganesh Kumar Bangah
    Deputy Chairman, PIKOM

  • Jason Lo

    Jason Lo
    CEO, Tunetalk

  • Johan Khoo

    Johan Khoo
    Partner, Accenture

  • Mark Lankester

    Mark Lankester
    CEO, Tune Hotels

  • Wong Jun Jin

    Wong Jun Jin
    Partnerships & Startups, Digi

  • Fong Wai Hong

    Fong Wai Hong
    Co-Founder, StoreHub

  • Lionel Liong

    Lionel Liong
    Special Officer to CEO, JobStreet Corp

  • Lucas Chua

    Lucas Chua
    SEA Leader – IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM

Learning themes

Identifying the target market & building the right product

  • Trend

    Understand current trends in the ASEAN market and what investors are looking for

  • Value Propositions

    Analyze verticals to define clear value propositions – Marketplace, Mobile, Saas, Ecommerce

  • Business Plan

    Develop a strong business plan based on unit economics for B2B & B2C

  • Storytelling

    Build your startup story for customers and media to sell a vision and ambition

  • Tools & Technology

    Leverage the right tools and technology as enablers for your startup

Measuring the right metrics to drive the required outcomes

  • ASEAN Strategy

    ASEAN strategy: Where do I go next and How do I get there?

  • Embed & Track

    Embed and track key metrics in product and management reports

  • UX Analytics

    User experience analytics : Refine UX and UI to maximise customer retention and conversion

  • Growth Analytics

    Growth analytics : Identify and test user acquisition across different channels

  • Optimise

    Optimise marketing spend to acquire users efficiently

Positioning for local expansion & ASEAN growth

  • Convert & Sell

    Convert and sell to drive revenue growth through proper planning, sales techniques, and coaching

  • Achive Excellence

    Achieve excellence in sales & customer support to drive customer satisfaction

  • Establish Founding Team

    Establish founding team expectation and culture; Develop best practices in hiring & retention

  • Plan for Expansion

    Plan for expansion in terms of budgeting, resourcing and risk management

  • Develop a Business

    Develop a business and investment case for ASEAN expansion

Getting ready for Demo Day & Investors

  • Killer Pitch

    The Killer Pitch

  • Initial Public Offer (IPO)

    Determine exit strategy for your startup- IPO, trade sale, acquihire, BAU

  • Understand Due Diligence

    Understand due diligence, cap table & term sheets

  • Best Practices of Fund-raising

    Best practices of fund-raising, negotiations and structuring to get a higher valuation

  • Setting the Tactical Plan

    Setting the tactical plan for the next 12 months


  • Weekly platoon sessions for peer-to-peer learning

  • Weekly pitching opportunity

  • Regular check-ins with account managers

  • Business development opportunities with route to market partners

  • Social outreach activities

MaGIC Accelerator Route to Market Partners

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GECommunity Summit 2017

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