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On General

An online programme to accelerate local & international startups from all over the world, with an interest to expand their business in the ASEAN region, to be investment-ready in 3 months. GAP online also aims to build a strong ASEAN startup community by cultivating ASEAN relationships.

We are looking for startups that have established product-market-fit with target market/ have launched a product with some traction, and highly scalable with growth potential business model which is an innovative idea better than the existing best solution in the market. Ideal startups would be less than 3 years old and focusing on the ASEAN market.

We are looking for strong teams with diverse skill sets. Each team in the accelerator shall consist of two, between (2) co-founders or one (1) co-founder and one (1) team members. All participants must be aged 18 years old and above.

Virtual Global Accelerator Programme 2020 (Virtual GAP 2020) is Malaysia’s leading mid-to-late stage startup growth programme that is tailored for startups with an ambition to expand in the ASEAN market. Recognized for its strong regional focus with industry-specific partners and mentors, dedicated mentorship platform and exclusive network access to MaGIC’s regional entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Virtual GAP stands as a great platform in bringing together innovative startups from around the world to build a powerful network and be market-ready for ASEAN expansion within a 3 months programme delivered digitally.

The online programme will prepare you with the knowledge and relationships to expand in the ASEAN region. Startups will learn from inspiring mentors with weekly themes and gain access to regional investors and route-to-market partners.

Startups are required to commit to the online programme on a full-time basis for the entire 3 months. Classes and workshops will be conducted four days a week digitally while startups will have the rest of the week free to work on their business as needed. The core focus of the programme is for you to build your network, grow your business and achieve your milestones.

Virtual GAP is a programme designed for dedicated teams who are fully focused on their startups and not for part-time founders or freelancers. The team must be fully committed for 3 months. The online programme works on the basis of a strong cohort community. In order to fully accelerate, teams are required to attend and participate in all core classes, workshops, events and discussions using the digital platform provided.

No. Social enterprises can direct themselves to our Pemangkin Usahawan Sosial Hebat (PUSH) programme. PUSH is a programme designed to facilitate Social Enterprises to scale-up their business as well as increasing their impact.

The Virtual Global Accelerator Programme (Virtual GAP) is a government-funded initiative to create a critical mass of up to 30 high-growth startups in Malaysia for the ASEAN market, once a year.

The programme is approximately three (3) months.

No, the program is based online and participants are able to attend the session digitally from where they are located.

MaGIC does not invest or take any equity in the startups during the accelerator programme.

No, you are not required to set up a company in Malaysia before and during the programme.

Mentor engagement will run organically and depend on the mentor’s availability. Different mentors will give talks according to their availability — this is your chance to hustle and approach the ones you feel are relevant for your startup. Mentors will also allocate a set number of hours per week to meet startups online.

No, MaGIC did not fund any startup during the accelerator programme.

You will retain any IP rights associated with your startup and your prototype.

Yes, the programme will wrap up with a Demo Day where you will pitch to investors via online.

There is no direct PR support. However, startups may potentially get highlighted in local/regional press.

Our focus is to grow the startup ecosystem by accelerating startup growth to be investment-ready for both the local and ASEAN market. Our key measure of success is to increase the number of quality startups that we can grow.

The agenda is not available publicly but you will receive it during orientation.

All participants are required to have an 80% check-in attendance throughout this programme through our Account Managers to update your progress. Pre-recorded talks and workshops are mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you notify us before the deadline, you will be able to fill up the request form to add/replace the team members. Once that has been submitted to us, we will review it and will notify you once the decision is made.

We will send you a new offer letter and agreement. Fill those up and attach it under its respective fields on Accelerator Tracking & Application System (“ATAS”). The agreement will be stamped and signed.

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On Application

Kindly submit your applications at

Applications for the Virtual GAP 2020 intake are open from 17th March – 26th June 2020.

No, participants are required to submit all documents on ATAS. Note: Unless there are issues uploading the documents.

No, this online programme is open to local and international startups. The programme is open to all nationalities.

MaGIC aims to notify all applicants on the status of their applications by August 2020.

Yes, we can assure you that you will be notified. Please do not lose hope as there are many other MaGIC programmes you can attend based on your startup stage growth by checking our MaGIC website.

Please refer to the online application form on our website. The application will require information about your startup and your team, along with a pitch deck and application video.

If you did not receive any calls from us, that would mean that the judges did not have any questions for you after watching your pitch video and going through your pitch deck.

No, it is a requirement to record a pitch video not more than 120 seconds to be uploaded on Youtube and share the link on ATAS as part of the application. Your video must be in English, with English caption, video resolution more than 480 and the presenter has to be an applicant.

The content should contain problem statements, solutions, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), traction and an introduction to your team. Your pitch video has to be appropriate; eg: no vulgar content, no pornographic content, no abusive content, no violence content, and no animation or sketch.

On the general main page on ATAS, there is a section on your pre-arrival form. If there is a time-stamp, you have successfully submitted it.


No this programme is online, which means you are able to stream it from anywhere you are located.

No. Since this is an online course, you will not be required to fly to Malaysia.


Thank you for your interest. Kindly email and our team will get back to you.

Kindly email and our team will get back to you.