Originating from the combination of fashion and entrepreneurship, a fashionpreneur is someone whose primary activities work within the fashion industry. For example, a fashion designer who uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage ventures within related and connected areas…Read More

About THA Workshop In partnership with MaGIC Sarawak for “CatSound: Hiphop101” Organized by THA Project, with full support from the Borneo Bboy Foundation, Renzo Studio, Kuching Connection, SoulHigher Crew, #Sarawakrepresent and Kuching Trivillant Beatbox. Objective The aim of the activity…Read More

Calling all Fashion designers, Crafts makers, Creative entrepreneurs, Tech start-up enthusiast, and Social innovators! Powered by MaGIC Academy, CatWalk Creative Innovation is a monthly workshop aims to upscale local creatives and entrepreneurs in Kuching to through creativity and innovation. There…Read More

Are you fluent in any language indigenous to Borneo? Do you wish to help preserve your language for future generations? Passionate to preserve the indigeneous languages in Borneo, a community based project titled Borneo Lingua-Hack is organised, to recognise the…Read More

This program aims to develop an UberAccountant under 8 hours by utilising uCloud Accounting Platform. It will help entrepreneurs to track revenue and costs in order to achieve profit growth in each of their business ventures and also an alternative…Read More

A digital ecosystem grows from the idea that everything you do online is connected. Each entity within your ecosystem is supporting something more than themselves by supproting each other. In addition, the entities, or channels, also serve a purpose or…Read More

Grill or Chill (GoC) is a platform for startups to showcase their product and get valuable feedback from experts in the startup ecosystem. Each GoC ends with a networking session where you can mingle and connect with other entrepreneurs in…Read More

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IBM Watson is a cognitive intelligent system that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from a large amount of unstructured data. It has the capability to tackle tough problems in every industry from healthcare to finance.…Read More

Our 4-day program, spread over two weekends, is in the form of a mobile apps hackathon. Participants will learn about mobile apps development through a project-based approach and apply their learning to build a project of their choice. On the…Read More

We are all aware of the power of disruptive technologies and business models. Startups are challenging industry leaders and leaving them with only one option – Innovate or Die. While, the industries are busy with their own competitions, startups are…Read More

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