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Startup Weekend Food Kuala Lumpur


Startup Weekend Food Kuala Lumpur

29 Nov - 1 December 2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm
ME.REKA Makerspace View map
Admission RM25 - RM 102
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Build your FOOD business idea in 54 hours
Do you have a food tech idea you’d like to pursue or a problem you’d like to solve, but don’t know where to start or who to start with?

Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

It’s the place for creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, doers, thinkers, and dreamers to get together and create something incredible.

Anybody is welcome to participate, providing you want to make a difference in how we think about, produce, and consume food.

What do you need to bring?
Lots of energy! You’ll pitch your own idea or listen to others, then vote on the most interesting ideas and form teams with diverse skill sets. You can come with friends, but you’ll get the full experience if you participate in separate teams. Remember, it’s all about the team.

We’ll put you in teams, and you won’t be working with people you already know, so lone rangers are especially welcome. If you’re nervous about buying a ticket for just yourself, please don’t be. We’ll make you feel welcome from the very beginning.

Feel free to bring some tools of your trade. If you are a designer, then a sketch pad would be great. If you know how to program, then bring your notebook. You’ll even have access to a professional kitchen, so there’s no reason not to bring your favourite pan if that’s what you need to get your idea off the ground!

The idea
All ideas relating to the future of food are welcome. You are welcome to bring an idea for a startup or a project, but there is no requirement to do so – we’ll help you find a team you love if you don’t have any burning ideas of your own.

Your idea should be something you have not previously worked on.

The idea you pitch and the problem you set out to solve can span social, educational, financial, environmental, or other issues. Over the course of the weekend you’ll be challenged to create a prototype of your MVP (minimum viable product), that fits the needs of your target customer.

We’re looking for big, ambitious ideas!

You’ll get expert feedback, iterate, and likely pivot your approach entirely!

  • Techstars Startup Weekend is a full weekend long experience. Your ticket includes:
  • 7 full (and delicious) meals over the course of the weekend
  • A fantastic place to work from for the duration of the program
  • Benefits and discounts from our global partners
  • One-on-one time with amazing mentors
  • A new network of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs eager, like you, to change the world.
  • All the internet and soft drinks you’ll need.

We are a breeding ground for the next big ideas in food…

Food Access / Consumption – In this category, we are talking about solutions that tackle hunger. Solutions that help guarantee that people have access to food.

Educational / Social / Marketing – Solutions that can either educate or gather the power of social networks and connections. Influencers, viral marketing campaigns, and community-driven production and consumption.

Hardware / Big Data – In this category, we are looking for innovations in hardware. Innovative ways to work within the food industry that can have a positive impact for the future.

Food Waste / Renewal / Sustainability – According to the Food and Organisation of the United Nations, around 1.3 Billion Tonnes are wasted every year. This not only bad for the environment but a total waste of resources that could be allocated elsewhere, for people who need it the most.

Nutrition / Sports / Animal / Supplements – What we put inside our bodies define mostly how we feel. To work on solutions that tackle better nutrition and health is working on something that can impact, literally, billions of lives every day.

Supply Chain / Distribution – Not only should people be able to eat different things, but that same food should get to them, somehow. Distribution and the supply chain is how you work on innovative and lucrative ways of guaranteeing food to all people.

Food Production / Urban Farming / Agro – Any idea cooking up in your head? Any idea of new foods? Any idea on how to use space in the city to make more food?

B2B / Events / Services – Do you have any idea that you can serve existing businesses, or any service that you can serve consumers out there, this is the event to come to, and explore that idea.

Halal – Tracking and tracing technology for halal product integrity over the supply chain, halal tourism, and Islamic financing of projects in the food industry.

If your idea does not fall into one of these categories, please get in touch and we’ll let you know if it’s suitable. We want to be the best place in KL to launch a creative or innovative project relating to food, and we’ll do our best to welcome you to our community!

Watch the video below to see what you can expect, and if you’re feeling inspired click on the “Buy Ticket” button now!

Still have questions, feel free to reach us at

Don’t wait any longer and join the Techstars Startup Weekend movement! Tickets are highly limited for this exclusive event.

No talk, all action!

Which ticket should I buy?
We want to make sure that we have a balanced composition of team members, so we limit ticket availability evenly across the following four categories:

Developer: Your computer is in dark mode, you spend your weekends on StackOverflow, and you can spin up your team’s prototype with your eyes closed.
Designer:You always carry a notebook with you, your IG is the envy of all your friends, and you turn discussions into something that tells your team’s story.
Business: You know which Grab reward has the best point/value ratio, you sold candy to your school friends, and you’ll help your team commercialise their vision.
Industry expert: When you order food, you know where it came from and how it got there. You can explain ‘FDA’, ‘cloud kitchen’, ‘wet sales’, and ‘new protein’ to your team, like you invented them.