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Starting Up With Little Money and No Experience: Identifying The Important Stuffs


Starting Up With Little Money and No Experience: Identifying The Important Stuffs

18 March 2019 11:00am - 12:30pm
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The Let’s Get REAL Series For Women Start Ups

Let’s get REAL and admit it. Most of us have been there before. And perhaps you are facing it now too. From entertainment to tech, women continue to face gender-based challenges in nearly every industry — and entrepreneurship is no different.

We understand the pain that every new Women Startups go (or went) through – and we hope to minimise that impact on you and give you a heads up before you give up your quest. In a nutshell, we want to prep you up so you don’t get caught off guard. This series is not meant to be a quick fix solution but rather to guide you to the right path because entrepreneurship journey can be lonely and at times, cruel.


Time Activity
10:45 AM Registration
11:00 AM Sharing session
12:20 PM Q&A
12:30 PM End

Here are the compelling reasons on WHY you should join.

  • Learn from active discussion, exchange pro-tips with the speakers & participants.
  • Take part in Hands on Workshop & Bootcamp that will benefit you.
  • Guessing can be fatal – precise help comes from a group support.
  • Don’t go alone – prevent if you can before it happens.
  • Save your time – fail better (minimise the impact).
  • Learn directly from Industry experts and experienced Start Ups.
  • Emotional support whenever you need (join the community).

What’s unique about the series is that – instead of just sit down and be part of a one & a half hour sharing session you will also get to sign up and learn vital hands on of know-hows tools that you need in order to get you started or get ahead. We want you to be part of the process all the way.



ALSO, In order to be eligible for a Pitch Competition that will be held on our Women Summit 2019 event this year (2 & 3 November / Venue TBA), you are required to complete the FIRST 8 series (inclusive of a compulsory Business Bootcamp that will change your life – location will be revealed during the 8th Series).

To sign up or for further enquiries/clarification, kindly get in touch with us at

Our Speakers

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of MAD Incubator and Co-Founder of E3 Hubs.

An expert in starting up companies and turning around companies within the group into profitable companies. Following the dotcom era, he ventured on his own, starting an ICT company in 1997 and was one of the pioneers of Customer Relationship Management solutions. In 2004, he further ventured into India before taking up the call to lead MIRC.

His years of experience in managing SME companies and entrepreneurship put him in good stead to assist and coach entrepreneurs who require assistance in business modelling, entrepreneurship development, market access and funding.

Farah Fareena

As a Board Member of KOSISWA Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Berhad, Nik Nurfarah Fareena is committed to mentoring full time students on their entrepreneurship projects, which has significantly contributed to the development of entrepreneurship behaviour amongst students. Her dedication and commitment in mentoring student startups have lead to the success of more than fifteen (15) high impact projects. She has also been awarded as Best Entrepreneurship Mentor during the Entrepreneurial Awards (MEA) by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

Positive high impact projects and helping to enrich others have become Farah’s career goals. She is also involved in the Women Mentoring Programmes that was recently introduced by the Malaysian Institute of Management. She is a certified mentor under the programme, focusing on helping the under privileged women who lack resources but are keen to develop their skills and gain new knowledge.