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Social Enterprise Essentials

We are sorry to inform you that this event has been postponed. We will announce it on MaGIC website and social media when it is available again.

Social Enterprise Essentials

08 Apr - 9 April 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm
Malaysia Room (2nd Floor, MaGIC) View map
Admission RM 140
This event is Postponed

Social enterprises are up on the rise as businesses today are entering a whole new paradigm for management. Being a social enterprise defines going beyond the focus on revenue and profitability, having clearly understood that we operate as an ecosystem where all relationships are equally important. This workshop essentially aims to provide a platform where participants will be able to begin identifying a problem that is cared about, understand the considerations needed for impact and financial sustainability; while learning about how various entrepreneurs have thought about scale.

Design Thinking

The knowledge gained from this concept will be on understanding that leaders who comprehend the transformative power of design and embrace its traits and tenets, can command in times of change.


  • Participants will have the ability to describe the concepts, how to apply the design thinking tools and its methodologies for social enterprise
  • Obtain essential level of skill sets and the ability to use and interpret each tool, framework and shift perspective using design thinking insights
  • Able to increase the level of creativity for problem-solving either for overcoming community challenges or improving process that requires a change in human behaviour

Business Model Canvas

The knowledge gained from this concept, through the application of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) will develop the following, which is designed to assist participants to understand and apply BMC for SE concepts, tools, frameworks and methodologies -:

  • New product/service development with an existing business model
  • Development of an entirely new business
  • Strategic reorientation (plan where they are and where to go)
  • Renovate old business model
  • To create a workable and sustainable business model for Social Enterprise (SE)


  • Participants can fill each building block in BMC
  • Participants can explain the relationship between each building block in the BMC
  • Participants can test the relevant type of value propositions for social enterprise
  • Participants can design strategies or tactics for the sustainability of their social enterprise

Course Breakdown

Day 1

  • Introduction to social enterprise
    • What is a social enterprise
    • Identify your mission
  • Social enterprise
    • Theory of change
  • Introduction to design thinking
    • Design thinking challenge
  • Point of view
    • Social fiction & future telling
  • Understand
    • Persona and customer journey
    • Design quality questions
    • Interview 3 potential customer/user
    • Document and analyse findings
  • Ideate
    • Key insight: Job to be done
    • How might we (HMW)
    • Idea generation tools
    • Ideas wall
  • Prototype & validate
    • Tools for prototyping
    • Cardboard prototype
    • Test your prototype

Day 2

  • Introduction to a business model
    • Introduction to the business model for SE
  • Create value: Customer & value proposition
    • Customer
    • Value proposition
  • Deliver value: Value chains & partnership
    • Value chain
    • Partnership
  • Capture value: Revenue engines, cost structures & pricing
    • Capture value
  • Design SE business model
    • Design your current SE using BMC
  • Bring an idea to scale
    • Scaling your impact
  • Social enterprise
    • SE forum “Malaysia’s SE ecosystem in Malaysia”

Our Speaker

Zusuff Khan

Zusuff Kan is an entrepreneur with more than 12 years of working experience (7 in the corporate and past 5 years as an entrepreneur). Prior to starting his own venture, he has worked with several reputable firms in different capacity. He started his career with Petronas before moving into the Islamic Capital Market with RAM Ratings and KFH Research Limited. Since September 2012, he has ventured into business as an entrepreneur and business designer. He has initiated various start-up companies, launch new products and services in creative content and business consulting using Business Model Canvas and other Design Thinking tools including Blue Ocean Strategy from Blue Ocean Academy. He is also a Business Counsellor appointed by Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN) and has been delivering design thinking related tools such as Business Model Canvas and others in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.