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SE Masterclass in Partnership with UKM


SE Masterclass in Partnership with UKM

25 September 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm
Malaysia Room (2nd Floor, MaGIC) View map
Admission Free
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The Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Masterclass is a 1-day course to provide the public with an intensive immersion into the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship. SE Masterclass is a programme under Social Entrepreneurship Development (SED), MaGIC that aims to drive social impact through entrepreneurship initiatives that are outward looking and cohesive to relevant ecosystem players.

The truth is, one of our generation’s biggest challenges in society is guiding our whole population through a transition from our current lifestyle to a significantly more sustainable one.

This SE Masterclass will take you through a one-day course that will enable you to learn the basic principles of social entrepreneurship and latest national developments in social entrepreneurship guidelines and benefits.

At the end of the SE Masterclass, participants will have gained:

  • An understanding of the definition of SE;
  • Brief knowledge around the SE spectrum; and
  • Deeper learning on various business models that promote profitable businesses with a positive social and environmental impact.

Who should attend this SE Masterclass?

  • Startups that have a social impact;
  • MSMEs that have a social impact;
  • NGOs;
  • Students (Undergraduates/Postgraduates);
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Existing Entrepreneurs; and
  • Anyone who wants to know more about social enterprises.

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