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SE Masterclass #3


SE Masterclass #3

22 June 2019 9:30am - 12:45pm
Kompleks Inkubator Inovasi Universiti, Universiti Malaya
Admission FREE
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The Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Masterclass is a 1-day course that provides aspiring and early stage social enterprises with an intensive immersion into the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship to help develop or validate social impact ideas. SE Masterclass is a programme under Malaysia’s Social Inclusion & Vibrant Entrepreneurship (MasSIVE), an initiative by MaGIC that aims to drive social impact through entrepreneurship initiatives that are outward looking and cohesive to relevant ecosystem players.

The truth is, one of our generation’s biggest challenges in society is guiding our whole population through a transition from our current lifestyle to a significantly more sustainable one.

This SE Masterclass will take you through a one-day course that will enable you to learn the basic principles of social entrepreneurship and latest national developments in social entrepreneurship guidelines and benefits.

This Masterclass will provide you with a practical framework to kick-start your vision and moving it into effective action. The modules curated and designed in this Masterclass draws from the extensive experiences as well as wisdom from the country’s leading professionals, social entrepreneurs and start-up gurus. The goal of the Masterclass is to lead YOU through endless possibility that abound when you can grasp your inner potential to make tangible social, environmental or developmental changes to the planet.

At the end of the SE Masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Have a sound understanding on MaGIC’s ecosystem support for SE development in the country.
  • Learn about the challenges of building a global enterprise
  • Get inspired by one of the country’s most successful social entrepreneurs

Who should attend this SE Masterclass?

  • Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs
  • Existing Social Enterprises
  • Startups that have a social impact
  • MSMEs that have a social impact
  • NGOs
  • Students (Undergraduates/Postgraduates)


Time Activity
9:30 AM Arrival and Registration
10:00 AM Opening & Sharing Journey by SEs
10:15 AM SE Masterclass Session 1
11:00 AM SE Masterclass Session 2
12:00 PM SE Masterclass Session 3
12:45 PM End of SE Masterclass & Lunch

Key Points To Remember

Dress code
The dress code for the camp is formal. Just kidding! Of course it’s casual. So ditch that formal jacket or shoes, but please note that you will be meeting senior speakers and trainers, and will probably meet some conservative communities, so best to dress casual and respectfully.

Introductory Object
In the SE Masterclass, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the rest of the group with an object that represents your passions and leadership. We hope you have given this some thought and remembered to bring the object with you. You will have two minutes to speak to the rest of the group about yourself with your object.

The camp modules and activities start at 9:45 am daily and ends at 4.30 pm.. Detailed timings for each day can be found in the agenda.

All meals will be provided throughout the Masterclass including snacks. We request that you bring your own eating utensils, cup/glass and a water tumble (for water refills). Masterclass participants are expected to respect nature by reducing disposal of plastic bottles and cutlery.

Your assessment report
You will receive your personal assessment report on your leadership in sustainable efforts. We hope you have brought this with you to the camp as the basis for your coaching session and your individual reflection.


For more information, contact Zaid Sharif at / +6011 0210 790 or Masita Binti Hasim at / +6011 1318 5647.