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[MaGIC Webinar] Introduction to Regional Expansion: China

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[MaGIC Webinar] Introduction to Regional Expansion: China

6 August 2020 11:00am - 12:00pm
Online Webinar
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In light of the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) and MaGIC’s recent survey having conclusive data that only 2.9% of start-ups are confident in surviving through MCO – MaGIC will be bringing you its Webinar series, a platform for online live sessions with industry experts and entrepreneurs to shed light on the various ways to strategise and thrive in a time of crisis, such as the one brought about by the COVID-19.

Each topic in the series will dive into the different areas of business and offer tools and insights for business sustainability, followed by a Q&A session. We at MaGIC will strive to provide a platform of support for our entrepreneurs as best we can.


Malaysia has a good startup ecosystem, but perhaps not large enough. To survive the era of change, Startups are looking out to venture out to other regions that appear to be promising. The real question is how do we overcome the challenges that come with expansion and how can the expansion be achieved most cost-effectively?

In partnership with TusStar Malaysia, the Regional Expansion Series is designed to help startups overcome growth challenges and be expansion ready. This introductory session will provide insights into the following areas:

  • Building your mind about China; a brief introduction to China and its market
  • Entering China’s market; opportunities and challenges

Join us in this webinar for an introductory session of the series and get insight on the best way to structure your Startup to go regional in the China market.


  1. An introduction to regional expansion
  2. Understanding China; its geography and local attitude towards foreign startups
  3. Understanding the Chinese Industry; distribution, market condition and case studies
  4. Opportunities and challenges in breaking into China’s market


  1. 40 minutes presentation
  2. 20 minutes Q&A

Our Speaker

Wang Qihua

Mr Wang Qihua is the chief director of TusStar Incubator and the general manager of the TusStar Incubator in Anji County, which is famous for its natural environment and chair industry. Mr Wang got his bachelor degree at Tsinghua University and his master’s degree at UCLA.