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[MaGIC Webinar] Co-Living: To Reinvent the Way People Live


[MaGIC Webinar] Co-Living: To Reinvent the Way People Live

3 July 2020 11:00am - 12:00pm
Online Webinar
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In light of the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) and MaGIC’s recent survey having conclusive data that only 2.9% of start-ups are confident in surviving through MCO – MaGIC will be bringing you its Webinar series, a platform for online live sessions with industry experts and entrepreneurs to shed light on the various ways to strategise and thrive in a time of crisis, such as the one brought about by the COVID-19.
Each topic in the series will dive into the different areas of business and offer tools and insights for business sustainability, followed by a Q&A session.

We at MaGIC will strive to provide a platform of support for our entrepreneurs as best we can.

The Session

Home, the word in itself signifies comfort and security.

However, today’s economic climate calls for real estate platforms to shift its dynamic away from the traditional buying and renting processes. We live in an era that’s grown accustomed to faster, more accessible, hassle-free services and real estate ought to be no different.

A co-living space provides individuals with the core essence of a home with the added benefits of community engagement. Join us in this webinar session with Felix Ferdinand to understand what co-living is and delve deeper into reinventing the way people live by empowering accessibility over ownership.

Key Takeaways

  • Defining Co-Living
  • Understanding Co-Living
  • Accessibility vs Ownership

Course Breakdown

  • 30-40 minutes presentation
  • 20-30 minutes Q&A

Our Speaker

Felix Ferdinand

Felix Ferdinand is the CEO and co-founder of HOM, a residential real estate platform that offers co-living spaces in prime locations across Malaysia.

Formerly an investment consultant in IQI Global, Felix has several years of experience in commercial & hotel planning and real estate investment.

Together with HOMS, Felix works towards reinventing the way people live by providing flexible co-living for today’s urban tribes, where everyone has access to premium services.