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[Sarawak Campus] Kickstart Your Startup Throughout Malaysia


[Sarawak Campus] Kickstart Your Startup Throughout Malaysia

11 October 2017 4:00pm - 7:00pm
MaGIC Sarawak @ Borneo 744 View map
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Have a great startup idea and not sure quite what to do next? One of the common themes you will hear when you delve into the startup world is the community. When you think about it, it’s constant appearance in start-up lore makes sense. Getting a business off the ground can be exceedingly challenging, and community offers much in the way of support when times are hard, and celebration when times are great.

The other side of the community is that when you build trust between a group of people, they really want to help each other; the power of this cannot be underestimated. Many current MaGIC Sarawak co-workers have attributed community and the shared knowledge, connections and ‘secret recipe’ that comes with it as something that has underpinned their progress.

But how do you meet these people? How do you grow your own startup?

Join us at MaGIC Sarawak to learn more on;
Entrepreneurship 101: Registering Your Startup in Sarawak by Sahari Abang (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia)
Kickstart Your Startup Throughout Malaysia by Sharifah Rafidah (Company Secretary)

Why You Should Join:
Opportunity to learn more on current business registration and policies

Who Should Join:
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Community Builders
Entrepreneurship Developers