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IOTA Developer Workshop

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IOTA Developer Workshop

18 December 2018 8:30am - 1:00pm
MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) View map
Admission FREE
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The hands-on workshop will introduce developers to IOTA, After the event developers should have an understanding of what IOTA is, how it works and ability to build a simple application using IOTA, the workshop will use IOTA’s client libraries to interact with the Tangle and Masked Authenticated Messaging to publish encrypted data. At the end of the workshop the developer will have a demo Audit Trail App.

Note: While the workshop will be run in JavaScript the learning can be used in any other programming language.

The requirements for the event:

  • Previous software development experience
  • JavaScript experience preferred
  • Code editor: VSCode, Atom, Sublime or others
  • Operational NodeJS >10.0.0 environment
  • Bring your own computer


Time Activity
8:30 AM Registration
09:00 AM Introduction to IOTA
9:15 AM IOTA Use Case
9:30 AM Q&A
9:45 AM IOTA Hands on Coding Workshop
1:00 PM End

Who should be there

  • Developers
  • Blockchain

Our Speaker

Lewis Freiberg

Director of Ecosystem, IOTA Foundation

Lewis Freiberg is the IOTA Foundation’s Director of Ecosystem where he works to educate and co-create with governments, corporates, and the wider community. He bridges the gap between the cutting-edge academic research & development and industrial/governmental application of Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Lewis has worked in the commercial software industry for the last 8 years working with insurance, telecommunications and retail leaders in Australia. He has had a passion for Distributed Ledger Technologies since 2013 and sees the transformative nature of the technology. Today he works with some of the largest organizations around the globe to educate and co-innovate with DTLs.