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Introduction to WordPress the Web Wizardry


Introduction to WordPress the Web Wizardry

13 July 2018 9:00pm - 11:00pm
MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) View map
Admission is FREE
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Join this 2 hour session on introduction to WordPress Web Wizardry,

WordPress the web wizardry is introductory class in learning on how to develop a website by using WordPress. WordPress, is a Open Source Content Management Platform that has robust and versatile capability in developing a website. WordPress itself is based on PHP and MySQL (a renowned programming language for web and database) that any other website in this World Wide Web are used.

Chapter 1: Journey to WordPress Tour

  • System Requirement
  • Packages / Localhost

Chapter 2: WordPress (WP)? Sound like food name?

  • What is WordPress anyway?
  • Who can use WordPress?
  • Benefits using WordPress in Business, and Daily life?

Chapter 3: Getting Started (WordPress in Zoom) WordPress Administration, Dashboard & Bar

  • WordPress Settings
  • Users Page and Posts
  • Categories and Tags
  • Comments Plugin
  • Theme
  • Additional Resources
  • SEO (Introductory Level)

Chapter 4: Door to Limitless

  • Page builders: Which Shoes am I?

Learning Outcome:

  • How to make website with WordPress
  • The attendees able to understand on how to start their journey in digital world wide web.
  • Unlock the possibilities in web crafting.
  • Start to contribute country economy and talent growth.


Please bring your own :

2.Extension plug

Download: This software and packages beforehand :-

*limited to 50 seats only



Our Speaker

Johar Jaafar

Managing Director, Founder & Fullstack Developer

Johar Jaafar is passionate about Information Technology since his younger age, with over 11 years of experiences in information & technology field, He also loves adventures, hardworking, Love to learn new things and self-study, Active and Talkative but sometimes quite like to improve day and achieve a daily goal.

Master in Computer Science (by Research) – UPNM

Bachelor Eng. Tech in Network Systems – UniKL (MIIT)

Diploma in Computer System and Network –KPTM(BP)

Next Wonder House (NWH) is dedicated Devs and Cloud agency that focus on software development and cloud computing solutions as core businesses. NWH was established back in April 2017, with the initiative to do an improved quality of life by using Mobile App as a platform. With such mind, the founder of the company, Muhammad Johar Jaafar. Extend its horizon initiative by contributing several areas, in order to educate and eradicate poverty (B40 and M40 move to T20) by moving together with technology in the correct channel.