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Innovation Catalyst Application – Beginner Level (September)

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Innovation Catalyst Application – Beginner Level (September)

18 September 2018 9:00am - 6:00pm
Malaysia Room (2nd Floor, MaGIC) View map
Admission RM850 (before promotional price)
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Session Summary 

In today’s fast-changing environment, the ability to continually innovate has become the most important competency for your future. No matter what role you are taking on, innovation is most certainly paramount to your success – “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and still be relevant tomorrow.”
This workshop introduces you to the essential knowledge on innovation, to help you build the capability, and apply innovation in your everyday work. Whether you are focusing on human resource, digital transformation, supply chain, sustainability or social innovation, this workshop will help you better understand what constitutes innovation, discover, and hone your skills, putting you on a fast track to contribute greater value to the organisation.
This one-day workshop introduces a systematic framework for innovation, allowing the process to be replicable and applicable to various situations.

What Will You Learn?

  • Obtain a deep understanding of what is innovation.
    • Many people understand innovation differently. Learn the various types of innovation you can enlist to create a greater impact in your organisation, and be exposed to new approaches that have been incorporated and ingrained within strong, forward-looking organisations globally.. Having a good grasp on what these initiatives are about will help you build the repertoire of possibilities for your own projects.
  • Learn a simple and systematic process of innovating.
    • The 4Cs Innovation Process provides a clear structure to the seemingly chaotic practice. Learn the fundamental steps in an innovation process, what needs to be done at each stage and what tools can be used to drive outcomes at each step. Learn how to also increase the success rates of your projects and how to communicate the impact of your projects.
  • Acquire the key Mindset to Innovate
    • Having the right mindset is just as crucial as having a clear process for innovation. This keeps one true to the destination while still appreciating the challenge ridden journey. Our Asian culture strongly influences how we think, and thus by leveraging on this unique trait, we are able to excel even more to innovate. Understanding these philosophies will serve to drive your creativity and innovative thinking skills.
  • Generate your tangible outcomes
    • Design your own Innovation or Transformation Project or refine a project you are already working on, making use of the innovative thinking methods, tools and techniques learnt. Explore areas such as ‘Where do I need to innovate?, What are the possible options? and How can I make it happen?’.

Course Breakdown

  • Fundamentals of Innovation:
    • What is Innovation?
    • Types of Innovations
  • The Innovation Process (4Cs)
    • Conception
      • Where is innovation needed?
      • How do I identify the needs?
    •  Creation
      • How do I get fresh ideas?
      • How can I create a great solution?
    • Conversion
      • What is a good solution?
      • How do manage innovation projects effectively?
      • What competencies do i need?
    • Connection
      • How can I pitch my solution?
      • How do I get my solutions adopted?
      • How do I measure value and impact created?
  • Key Mindset to Innovate
    • Embrace Constraints
    • Blend!Blend!Blend!
    • Irimi Tenkan
  • My Innovation Project
    • Where do I need to innovate?
    • What are the possible options?
    • How can I make it happen?


  • No pre-requisites required

Required Software

  • Smart device (phone, tablet or laptop) and wifi access

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Our Speakers

Azim Pawanchik

Azim, is a leading expert on innovation in Asia, specialising in innovation strategy, open innovation and innovation analytics. He has consulted major corporations, government and government agencies in developing and executing their innovation strategy. Azim also has extensive experience in developing innovation measurements, guiding governments and organisations create data driven policies, and in measuring the impact of investing into innovation, to create sustainable transformation. A respected thought leader, Azim has written two books on innovation, and has spoken in Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. A techie at heart, Azim was the driving force in actualising Asia’s first digital innovation management software, which is now widely used to accelerate transformation and create measurable impact within organisations. Combining predictive analytics, machine learning and behavioural economics, the software has the cognitive capability to accelerate and automate innovation progression in organisations.

Dr. Suraya Sulaiman

Dr. Suraya specialises in the human side of innovation, looking at design and implementation of initiatives relating to building innovation culture and
 capability. She has been involved in innovation strategy design and implementation, at a National level in Malaysia, along with multiple projects on creating blueprints for various government agencies in the country. Most notable of the projects was the National Corporate Innovation Index which detailed a framework of how innovation can be measured and accelerated within large corporate entities. Dr Suraya has a vast experience in creating linkages between the various innovation stakeholders, the government, academia, businesses and community. Her most recent endeavour involves developing an effective framework for a policy sandbox, examining the concept of anticipatory regulation. Suraya attended the leadership development programme in Cambridge and has written multiple articles and books on accelerating innovation within the Asian context.