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HIP HOP 101: THA Workshop


HIP HOP 101: THA Workshop

19 August 2017 9am - 7pm
MaGIC Sarawak @ Borneo 744 View map
Admission FREE
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About THA Workshop

A FREE and FUN creative workshop by talented mentors who will be covering the basic knowledge of 5 Hip Hop elements; DJ-ing, Breakin’ (breakdance), Emceeing (Rhythm & Poetry), Graffiti (Tags, Bubble Letters, Characters & Calligraffiti) and Beatboxing.

In partnership with MaGIC Sarawak for “CatSound: Hiphop101”
Organized by THA Project, with full support from the Borneo Bboy Foundation, Renzo Studio, Kuching Connection, SoulHigher Crew, #Sarawakrepresent and Kuching Trivillant Beatbox.


The aim of the activity is to introduce a creative and interesting way of having fun, that could potentially be a new positive hobby and a possible future career. This also promotes a creative and healthy campaign through Music, Art, Poetry, Physical Exercise and Entertainment as well as to improve the confidence level among youths.

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