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Future of Work & Implications for Employees


Future of Work & Implications for Employees

15 August 2018 5:30pm - 6:30pm
MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) View map
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Entrepreneurs are confronted with many questions. Chief among them are no doubt:-

  • how do we ensure customer satisfaction?
  • how do we bring out the best out of our resources?

Compounding these questions is the fact that as we enter the era of the Future of Work, the very notion of tasks, roles, jobs is changing. More and more, non-traditional forms of work are supplanting traditional contracts for service. This means HR management in its traditional sense is also being challenged.

The simple conclusion is – entrepreneurs are expected to aim to achieve excellence in an unconventional world. This itself is a paradox. To stay ahead and provide satisfaction, as customers conventionally demand it, in a world that is increasingly becoming

This Talk will explore the concepts and linkage of employee engagement with the customer satisfaction and provide insights into creating an Engagement strategy for Startups.

This talk will be divided into 2 parts – Part I (the Customer) and Part II (the Employee).


Time Activity
05.00pm Registration
05.30pm Introduction
05.35pm Engagement & The Customer
06.30pm End

Who should be there?

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders
  • Business owners
  • Human Resources
  • Managers

Our Speaker

Rajasegaran Rajagopal

Raja is Founder and Principal Consultant of MICHI Consulting, HR consulting firm.

Raja started his career with Panasonic, the leading Japanese electronics company, where he spent 18 years and experienced a variety of HR functions, including a 2 year working the stint at the parent company in Japan. He then moved to DHL, another leader in the field of logistics where he spent 10 years and was last heading the South East Asia Cluster Human Resource function, based in Singapore.

Raja is a firm believer that Employee Engagement can be achieved through HR designs that serve the needs of the Organisation and the people. This cuts across Cultures, Diversity and the Future of Work, an endeavor that can bring growth to the organisation and create better citizens for the world.