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Fundamentals of IoT – Beginner Level (July)

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Fundamentals of IoT – Beginner Level (July)

17 July 2018 9:00am - 6:00pm
Vietnam Room (2nd Floor, MaGIC) View map
Admission RM800 (before promotional price)
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Session Summary 

This 1 day fast-paced deep dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) is designed for business executives business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and the potential impacts it can have on a business.

Ignoring high-level fluff about market size or technology opportunities, Carliff Rizal Carleel, CEO & Founder of Narrative Consulting (a Malaysian based Chatbot Development & AI Consulting Agency) will guide you will go through the details of IoT from business strategy to implementation, describing key decisions and how to avoid the main pitfalls.

It is geared towards people who need to understand IoT, what opportunities it offers and how to implement IoT solutions in their business. Areas covered are:

IoT Core Concepts

  • Underlying Technologies
  • Assessing Business Opportunities
  • How to Introduce IoT in your business
  • Creating your IoT Business
  • The course provides simple examples and analogies to help participants understand what IoT is, what it can deliver and how it can be implemented in a business setting.

What Will You Learn?

  • IoT Core Concepts
    • The core concepts of IoT. Define between Hardware, Networking, Design, Development, Security, Business intelligence and data analytics, Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Plus Other Essential Jargon
  • How to Implement IoT to your business
What is Internet of Things (IoT) and how to implement it in your business
  • The Types of Problems IoT Solves
IoT might make things smarter and easier, but what real world problem can IoT potentially solve? And what issues can it solve right now?
  • How to Spot IoT Opportunities
How to train users across your organization – including business leaders – to spot IoT opportunities and get Inspired by Looking at Real Successful IoT Use Cases
  • How to Overcome Possible Challenges 
The Possible Issues And Problems Companies and Individuals May Face When Getting Started With IoT
  • The Four Industries with Most to Gain from IoT 
While the scope and potential of IoT is huge, four industries are best poised to reap the benefits of IoT
  • How to Open New Revenue Streams with Innovation using IoT
  • How organisations can benefit from new revenue streams generated by new business models and services

Free Coaching Sessions
 after completing this workshop, all participants are entitled to 1 free coaching session (1 hr) available for seven working days after the workshop. This will be a free, one-on-one coaching session that will allow you to deep-dive into your own organisation’s next steps towards becoming an AI-driven enterprise. Typically, one coaching session is worth RM 800 per hour.

Course Breakdown

Topic 1 : What is the Internet of Things & Why Are Businesses Investing Heavily in it?
Topic 2 : The 4 core capabilities and The 5 essential elements of a smart, connected product
Topic 3 : Examples Practical & Successful Use Cases
Topic 4 : What are new markets in the Internet of Things Industry?


  • No prior knowledge on data science, machine learning, or statistics is required. Basic Understanding of Fundamental Business concepts
Very basic Technology and Internet understanding

Required Software

  • No Software required

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Our Speaker

Carliff Rizal

Carliff Rizal Bin Carleel is the CEO & Founder of Narrative Consulting PLT (a Malaysian based Chatbot Development & AI Consulting Agency) holds a Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics from ColumbiaX, Columbia University New York.

Multi award winning entrepreneur with extensive Sales and Marketing experience in various roles: Strategy, Technopreneur, Ceo, Project Manager And Software Developer. Proficient in Direct Sales, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Software Development.