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Fundamentals in Artificial Intelligence (May)

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Fundamentals in Artificial Intelligence (May)

26 May 2018 9:00am - 6:00pm
Indonesia Room (2nd Floor, MaGIC) View map
Admission RM800 (before promotional price)
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Session Summary 

With the explosion of big data analytics, more and more companies are adopting data analytics to drive decision making in organizations. Companies are deploying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to be incorporated into their software solutions.

In this course, participants will be provided an overview of AI, and explained on how it can be used for an effective and efficient decision making for an organization. The course will be a mixture of engaging short lectures with examples and use cases to help participants take their first steps in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.

What Will You Learn?

  • Acquire basic understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications
  • Understand the basic workflow of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications

Course Breakdown

Lesson 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
Lesson 2: Supervised learning and unsupervised learning
Lesson 3: Machine Learning Model Evaluation
Lesson 4: Introduction to Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence
Lesson 5: Deep Learning libraries and frameworks
Lesson 6: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence use cases


  • Basic knowledge of Information Technology

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Our Speakers

Dr. Poo Kuan Hoong
Principal Data Scientist, Coqnitics Sdn Bhd

Backed with 15 years of academic and research background, Dr Poo is a passionate practitioner in the area of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A graduate of Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan), Dr. Poo holds a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Computer Science, a Master of Information Technology (UKM), and a Bachelor of Science (UKM). Dr. Poo applies his combination of research and industrial experience in big data analytics, data mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide consultancy on data strategy for companies in various sectors including finance. telecommunication and technology startups.

Dr. John See Su Yang
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Multimedia University

Dr. John See Su Yang is currently working as senior lecturer at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Multimedia University (Cyberjaya campus) Malaysia. He is leading the Pattern Recognition and Analysis subgroup of the Center for Visual Computing, which resides at the Visual Processing (ViPr) Lab. His research interests are in computer vision and machine learning, particularly with the goal of finding effective and efficient algorithms for visual recognition tasks. Besides that he has delved into unconstrained face recognition in his Ph.D work, he have now moved on to other new areas such as long-term video surveillance, facial micro-expression recognition, image aesthetic evaluation and other research areas. Dr. John is one of the co-organizer of the TensorFlow and Deep Learning User Group Malaysia.