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[Webinar] DE Toolbox : Why Disciplined Entrepreneurship Works and How?


[Webinar] DE Toolbox : Why Disciplined Entrepreneurship Works and How?

16 January 2020 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Online Webinar
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An overview of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology (DE), the DE Toolbox, and advice on how to use this framework and toolbox in the everyday startup life.

Key Takeaway

Next steps for updating the DE Toolbox and for implementing the DE methodology for each participating startup.

Course Breakdown

  • 5 minutes: MaGIC and DET: background, collaboration
  • 15 minutes: Disciplined Entrepreneurship overview (why) and proof it works (examples in real programmes)
  • 10 minutes: Q&A session with the audience***
  • 10 minutes: DE Toolbox, a quick overview of the best ways to use it.
  • 20 minutes: Q&A session with the audience***


Our Speaker

Marius Ursache

Marius Ursache is a serial entrepreneur, product designer, and former doctor. He is interested in how Artificial Intelligence can radically improve decision-making and investing in tech startups.

For the past twenty years, He has worked in healthcare, design, marketing, fin-tech, AI, events management, and innovation consulting. He founded four companies, an NGO, and a music festival pursuing these interests. Marius’ latest startup, Metabeta, is building portfolio management software that manages and de-risks investing in early-stage startups.

Born and raised in Romania, he has traveled and lived around the globe. He cooked for fishermen in Morocco, survived frog poison with the Matses tribe in the Amazon, drank fresh blood with the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, learned to speak Spanish using Tinder in Chile and ran a full-marathon in North Korea. His journey to discover himself, as well as other fascinating humans, is just midway.