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How to come up with Products & Services that solves Problems?


How to come up with Products & Services that solves Problems?

27 March 2019 11:00am - 12:30pm
Level 31 Unit BC-03 Q Sentral
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From entertainment to tech, women continue to face gender-based challenges in nearly every industry – and entrepreneurship is no different.

We understand the pain that every new Women Startups go (or went) through – and we hope to minimize that impact on you and give you a heads up before you give up your quest. In a nutshell, we want to prep you up so you don’t get caught off guard.


Time Activity
10:45 AM Registration
11:00 AM Sharing Session
12:15 PM Q&A
12:30 PM End

The PAIN POINT series is NOT meant to be a quick fix solution but rather to guide you accordingly because entrepreneurship journey can be lonely and at times, cruel.

Upcoming next is the second Pain Point Series “How to come up with Products & Services that solves Problems?” where we will be discussing how to come up with Products & Services that actually help your target customers. Based on our research/observation, products or services that focus on solving problems are usually well received by customers that pay and will do well. To ensure that your business idea generates income, offer something that helps solve your customer’s problems.

This year for the first time (and in collaboration with MaGIC), we have identified the Pain Points that Women Start Ups faced or wish they had help with.

Here are the compelling reasons on WHY you should join.

  • Learn from active discussion, exchange pro-tips with the speakers & participants.
  • Take part in Hands-on Workshop & Bootcamp that will benefit you.
  • Guessing can be fatal – precise help comes from group support.
  • Don’t go alone – prevent if you can before it happens.
  • Save your time – fail better (minimize the impact).
  • Learn directly from Industry experts and experienced Start Ups.
  • Emotional support whenever you need (join the community).

What’s unique about the series is that – instead of just sit down and be part of a one & a half hour sharing session you will also have an option to sign up and learn vital hands-on of know-hows tools that you need in order to get you started or get ahead.

In order to be eligible for a Pitch Competition that will be held on our Women Summit 2019 event this year (2 & 3 November / Venue TBA), you are required to complete at LEAST 8 series (in combination of all the series & workshops, inclusive of a compulsory Business Bootcamp that will change your life – location will be revealed during the 8th Series).

To sign up or for further enquiries/clarification, kindly get in touch with us at

Our Speakers

Lilyana Abdul Latiff

CEO, MyNEF Foundation
CEO & Founder, Aleph One
Co-Founder, Jooblii Commerce

Lilyana Abdul Latiff is a “CTO-For-Hire” for several tech-based startups. She helps young businesses create products on solid architecture, scalable, and yet working within constraints and limited resources that startups have. She heads a geographically dispersed product development team. Her peers consider her lively, personable, dedicated, level-headed, with a sense of adventure. Lilyana is a spirited entrepreneur having founded several other companies – including Aleph One,, e-commerce platforms Jooblii and Dropee. She was also CTO for PurelyB and iResidenz. Her career has carried her through diverse industries such as education, media and advertising, business consulting, product development, social media and even event management. But she has consistently infused communication and web/mobile technologies in each of her venture – setting her companies slightly apart from other industry players. She currently holds the position of CEO for MyNEF Foundation – which focuses on entrepreneur development in the digital and tech space.

Lilyana graduated from University of Iowa with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science though she would prefer to have majored in Cosmology or contributed to the engineering development of HyperLoop.

Haslinda Rasip

Chief Technology Officer
CTO and Co-Founder Jooblii Commerce

Linda believes in data driven strategies and implementation for business and technology. With entrepreneurship and technical background, she provides an end-to-end advisory service to tech-based startup on business analysis, requirement capturing, UX design, development, project management, testing, deployment and optimization.

Linda extensive experience in software development, system architecture, user experience design and strategy, design thinking, knowledge management, instructional design, training, e-Learning implementation and project management. High-energy leader known for quickly solving problem and deliver efficient and scalable solutions.

Linda earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, majoring in Software Engineering, in 2000. She later completed her Masters in Information Management at Universiti Teknologi Mara in 2006 while holding down her first job. Currently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.