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Innovation Catalyst


Innovation Catalyst

23 January 2018 - 24 January 2018 9:00am - 6:00pm
Admission RM 1900 (Early Bird Price: RM 950)
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Session Summary

Are you seeking to introduce an innovative thinking mindset for your startup or organization? This 2-day session will introduce new approaches to gathering business insights and solving problems creatively.

Learn how to innovate along the entire value chain as we cover topics as diverse as production, offerings, delivery, markets and business models – to help you stay ahead of the market and your competitors. The course leverages the framework of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), leading to Level 1 certification.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Use new tools and techniques to kick start innovative thinking and generate ideas for the business. 
  2. Evaluate the need to innovate from a survival perspective (innovate or die) as well as to capture innovation premiums to become the top company/ enterprise to invest in, the brand to buy, the partner of choice and a great place to work. 
  3. Identify breakthrough techniques through creative combinations of compelling trends, basic human needs and simple yet proven business models for creating new value across the innovation value chain. 
  4. Develop actionable concepts that meet specific growth or innovation challenge using five critical steps.

Program Outline

1) Why Innovate?

  • Map innovation premiums for their business to get greater shareholder returns, more loyal customers, better partners and higher quality employees
  • Identify competition that could potentially disrupt the business and the industry, from the usual and “unusual” competitors

2) What is Business Innovation?

  • Evaluate business innovation from changes in business models, partners, experience, delivery, and markets
  • Examine and develop ideas for innovation breakthrough focusing on four key components: trends, needs, business models and combined capabilities

3) Where and How to Innovate?

  • Define a clear innovation focus using a 5-step process: Set up, Diverge, Connect, Converge and Emerge


Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup founders
  • Managers and professionals
  • Business owners
  • Anyone who would like to learn more and be trained on innovative thinking and generation of new ideas for their organisation



23 – 24th January 2018 (9am – 6pm)  – George Town, Penang (Venue TBC)


Program Fee

RM 1,900 per person

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Promo Code: cnimagic

(Available on a first come first serve basis only)

Our Speaker

Radin Ikram

Radin Ikram, author of Entrepreneurshift!, is an experienced manager, trainer, entrepreneur and business owner. He has a successful track record in training on operations, management and business building. Radin was also a franchisee of a top business coaching franchise, providing business and executive coaching.

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