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INNOVATE OR DIE: The Secrets of Surviving Digital Disruption

We are sorry to inform you that this event has been cancelled.

INNOVATE OR DIE: The Secrets of Surviving Digital Disruption

25 November 2017 9:00am
MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) View map
Admission RM420
This event is Cancelled

About the Event


We are living in the 4th age of digital disruption where digitalisation is radically and rapidly changing the business reality. In this brave new world, the traditional rules of success no longer apply and leaders must transform their companies to find new paths. Those who transform fast enough will experience exponential growth and those who cannot are dying.

This course is not going to sell you on the idea of ‘importance of innovation’. If you’re here, you must already know that innovation:
Allows you to beat your competitors
Drives revenues
Keeps your company relevant

By participating in this workshop, not only will you learn WHAT disruptive digital innovation is, and WHY it’s radically transforming every industry today, but you will learn HOW you can become a Leadapreneur. So who is a Leadapreneur?

A leadapreneur is an Agile Digital Innovator.
A leadapreneur is more than just a manager. Managers cut costs and can’t innovate.
Leadapreneurs create growth by consistently create, lead and deliver innovations that grow the business.

Traditional companies struggle to innovate because their managers lack the skillset, mindset and support to innovate consistently & competitively. They need Leadapreneurs who rapidly delivers the solutions that grow the business.

In other words, innovation makes businesses grow. So that’s why businesses need leadapreneurs, and by becoming a Certified Leadapreneur, you are uniquely qualified to lead businesses into explosive growth by harnessing agile innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Know exactly the reasons why traditional companies are struggling and doomed to fail unless they change
  • How the 4th age disruptors are thriving through real-life examples and best case practices including on:
    • Why Apple won over BlackBerry and how to avoid the death spiral
    • How 3M stays ahead of competitors and achieves 51% return on assets.
    • The Exponential Growth of Airbnb and UBER and the Cycle of Creativity
    • Why Blizzard is a good example of disruptive innovation
    • How Domino’s Pizza shares are more valuable than Google’s shares.
  • The 4 types of innovation and how to choose the right one for your business
  • Learn what are the 7 Pillars to deliver your agile innovation project
  • How to deliver innovation at scale by using the innovation ecosystem
  • Why speed of innovation is more important than scale of operations
  • The latest technologies including VR and Automation, how AI is replacing jobs, and how Leadapreneurs take advantage of it.
  • Identify future trends that drive disruptive change using Strategic Scenario Planning Tool
  • Create innovation ideas by applying the Lean Design Thinking methodologies.
  • Test the potential of your innovations to help fight disruption through the War-Gaming Simulation.
  • Awaken the Leadapreneur within you and understand how to create, lead and deliver over RM1,000,000 worth of real innovation in 1 year.
  • Includes other real-life case studies from Apple, Google, Samsung and Yahoo!, Kodak, Iflix, Lazada, Grab, Tesla and much more.

There’s MORE! For those who completed this workshop will receive an exclusive FREE access to Leadapreneur’s 2 ½ hour online course “Innovate or Die”, valued at RM320 per person and certified by London-based Institute of Leadership and Management.


Course Breakdown


Introductory speech on how the innovation shift is disrupting all industries and what this means for you and your future.

10:45AM -11:00AM BREAK


Explore your future using Scenario Analysis based on the current trends and detailed insights whilst identifying exciting opportunities and threatening challenges.



Learn about the Cycle of Creativity and by using the Lean Design Thinking methodology, learn how to create your innovation idea, share it in the innovation marketplace and form an innovation team.

3:15PM -3:30PM – BREAK


Test the potential of your innovation ideas through our unique War-Gaming Simulation and identify what your company should focus on to survive and thrive in the innovation age.


Awaken the Leadapreneur within you – to create, lead & deliver over MYR 1 million of real innovation in 1 year. At the end of the session, you will receive a free pass to the ‘Innovate or Die’ Online Course.

The program shall consist of the following elements: 

a. Thought-provoking ‘Innovate or Die’ Presentation

b. Experiential training

c. War-Gaming Simulation

d. Real-Life Case Studies

e. Role Plays & Presentations

f. Online Course

g. Certification




We will bring high-quality printed booklets and fun stationary. Participants are required to bring great energy!

Who should attend?:

  • Corporate middle and senior level managers  who are interested in fighting digital disruption and understanding how they can enable their teams and organsations thrive in the digital age.
  • Startup entrepreneurs and SME owners working in a competitive industry trying to beat their competition and interested in scaling with fewer resources

Registration Fees, Cancellation and Refund

The session fee is RM420

Participant can make the payment via the online registration page.

Cancellation of registration and full refund* are only allowed within 14 days prior to the program. Any cancellations received less than 14 days will not be refunded. Refunds may take up to 5 business days to process.

*Full refund refers to the price of the ticket minus a transaction fee of RM2.

Use the promocode MAGIC50 to get an attractive 50% discount on this course when you sign up!

For any enquiries or issue, please contact us at

Our Speaker

Jan Bartscht

Jan Bartscht is a futurist and innovation consultant; he specialises in helping leaders fight disruptive innovation by guiding them to transform their organisations and people into agile digital innovators.


Co-founder & MD of Leadapreneur, a boutique innovation consultancy based in 
Kuala Lumpur, Jan has spent over 12 years building leadership and innovation capabilities in Fortune500 corporations, education institutions, and NGOs across Europe and Asia at the graduate, middle and senior management level, resulting in providing his tools and insights to 30,000+ individuals. He has created MBA-level programmes for companies like Coca-Cola, AXIATA Group, and Citi bank as well as Cambridge, Oxford and UCL Universities.


Today, his ideas represent some of the most powerful methodologies in the innovation space; all his work is grounded in the fundamentals of rigorous complex systems science. Jan is one of the first people in the world to have earned an MSc in Systems Science, and has published his own research in peer-reviewed papers in this field. His keynote ‘Innovate or Die’ engages audiences to understand the astonishing scale, speed, and consequences of today’s disruptive innovation.


Using stories and detailed industry examples, Jan enables managers and senior leaders to understand what disruptive innovation is, why it’s killing companies and how they can transform themselves to become an agile digital innovator before it’s too late.

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