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Ignite Digital: The Essentials


Ignite Digital: The Essentials

6 December 2017 - 7 December 2017 9:00am - 5:00pm
MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) View map
Admission RM 1000 (Early Bird Price: RM 500)
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Session Summary

What does d² (Digital Disruption) really mean to the Entrepreneur or CEO today?

It’s one of the most commonly used buzz words among corporates and entrepreneurs today but almost 80% of us don’t really have a clue about what this digital revolution really means – for the bottom & top line of our own organizations? Do you know the A to Z steps in terms of blueprinting a truly disruptive idea which will not only “automate” parts of your business, but “activate” it to align with the voice of your customer?

It’s time we stop obsessing over just technology and start crafting a more strategic ideation process within our organizations and startups around what innovative disruption truly looks like ie. in an actionable form for your business in terms of “actual” and “tangible” ROI (return-on-investment).

Prepare not just to learn, but also to unlearn. Digital Disruption is a crucial mindset to adapting in a world where changes happen exponentially rather than gradually. Join us for this 2-day experiential journey into “blueprinting” digital thought-into-action.

Key Takeaways

1. Ignition.  

How an organization or startup often fail to understand the difference between “Doing Digital VERSUS Being Digital”. This difference is often the most crucial aspect of what’s lacking within the CEO or Founder digital mindset today.

2. Customized Experiences.

Instead of someone else defining what “d²: Digital Disruption”; why not craft your own specific and contextualized definition through our experiential ideation exercises & our d² checklist. We’ll share these with you at the very beginning.

3. Disruption Canvas as a Starting Point.  

Understanding how a business canvas can be converted into a disruption canvas and how to use it for your own business or startup as an ideation / blue-printing starting point.

4. Blueprinting for a Millennial & Post-Millennial world.  

Learn relevant goal-setting techniques in context to VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and addressing the generational gaps (from baby-boomers to GenX to GenY to GenZ)

5. Localised Case-Studies.  

From purely an “innovation” perspective, we will help you create a comparative case-study centered on your business VERSUS what’s in your backyard as well as beyond its borders.

6. Social Selling Indexes.  

Learn how and why “sales” in its traditional form is dead in today’s digitally disrupted world. Brands no longer look for market share of “eyeballs”, today they seek market share of “emotion”. Learn how to build a “social selling index” into your current or future business model.

7. Human-Digital Quotient (HxDQ).  

You need two fundamental systems in place before your organization or startup can truly begin to “activate” its digital potential. First, a set of SoPs (standard operating procedures) or a “process” system to democratize innovation & intrapreneurial spirit within all of your team members. Second, a “human” system which allows for leadership to clearly identify & empower those who have a higher Human-Digital Quotient (HxDQ) within the organization.

8. Free Coaching Sessions 

After completing this workshop, all participants are entitled to 1 free coaching session (1 hr) that is available for seven working days of the workshop. This will be a free, one-on-one coaching session that will allow you to deep-dive into your own brand’s next steps towards shifting away from being a business that merely “does” digital to one that “is” digital. Typically, one coaching session is worth anywhere between MYR 500-700 per hour depending on who is being coached.

Program Outline

Experiential 1 :  
“Doing Digital vs. Being Digital proposition”

Experiential 2 :  
“d² Checklist – where do you stand you today digitally?”

Experiential 3 :    
“Business Canvasing To Disruption Canvassing”

Experiential 4 :  
“Digital Profiling tools & showcase”

Experiential 5 :  
“Social Selling Indexes modeling”

Experiential 6 :
“Becoming a Brand Growth-Hacker”

Who Should Attend?

Suitable for students, startups, C-Suite professionals, employees in GLCs, MNCs and SMEs, as well as anyone who is interested in Digital Disruption and its impact on the way business is conducted.


  1. 29 – 30th November 2017  
  2. 6 – 7th December 2017

Session Format

The program shall consist of the following elements:

  1. 101 Training
  2.  Experiential Checkpoints (Gamified activities)
  3.  Scored Quizzes / Checklists
  4.  Presentations
  5.  Role-Plays
  6.  Case-studies
  7.  Certification


” AJ is truly an excellent trainer! His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment provides a perfect example for success especially to the young generation like me. I have only met AJ thrice but his easy-going friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to people around him. He listens exceptionally well, he brings a lot of experience, knowledge-sharing and wisdom to our conversations and he’s terrific! “

Aishah Zulkifli
Brand Executive, Wipro Unza 

Program Fee

RM 1000 per person.   

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Kindly register for the program via the link above.

Our Speaker

A.J Minai

Gen-Y&Z TEDx Speaker | Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Xtrategize Technologies

Coming from almost twelve years of industry experience alongside his active involvement in guiding professionals & brands with the “Millennial mindset intersecting with a Digitally disrupted world” — A.J’s key areas of focus today include Digital DNA & Leadership, Gen-Y & Gen-Z Sales & Employability, Experiential Learning Programs, Intergenerational Productivity, & Humanised systems.

A digital story-teller, A.J derives his energy, passion, and purpose from three interrelated aspects which collectively form his overall mission in life. First, that the way we ‘educate’ our younger generations today in schools & universities has to change, not in pockets but globally. Second, that the different generations working in the same market-space today need to find a way to become one, singular, unified generation, which A.J theoretically refers to as “Generation (C)onnected. And third, that we need to create an open-source entrepreneurial ecosystem across borders among these generations through a concept he calls “innogagement”. All in all, he is obsessed with lifelong learning so that he can help others at the right time and place within their own lives to be more effective as individuals & professionals.

A.J has interacted & consulted for a host of organisations over the years, such as Google, Allianz, Legrand, MarcusEvans, SimeDarby, MediaPrima, UEM, Cimb, Maybank, Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM), Ekuinas, Tune Group, Singtel, Astro, Schneider, Telekom Malaysia, and many more. 

In 2007, he was personally trained by Mr. Douglas Weidner from KM Institute USA, who is considered a founding pioneer in Organizational Knowledge Management as a practice. In 2009, he was handpicked out of hundreds to represent as one of Asia’s young leaders, at the “Global Youth Engagement Summit” which hosted live presentations by iconic personalities such as Sir Bob Geldof, Amitabh  Bachan, Biz Stone, Tony Fernandez, Nando Parrado, David Magliano, Gary Kasparov, etc. In 2013, he co-founded an NGO that works with UnitedNations partners in Malaysia to aid in the plight of refugees. He was one of 50 gentlemen, shortlisted out of hundreds as one of Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelors in Malaysia in 2014. In that same year, A.J joined Xtrategize as a co-founder which till date is a brand he represents as an experiential story-teller. In 2016, A.J was invited as a judge by Enactus, a global not-for-profit in over 40 countries, dedicated to students being empowered as entrepreneurs, at the HSBC Global Business Case Competition where he acted a mentor to participating students. In 2017, he was invited to share his vision of education’s future on TEDx alongside a host of other inspired speakers.

Today A.J continues to pursue his goals, as Co-Founder & Partner at Xtrategize, where he actively coaches students, professionals, & enterprises in ATDS — “All Things Digital & Sales”, in order to address the expanding need for organisations to truly understand how they can drive tangible returns from people and technology in a digital world.

“Words offer the means to inspire, and for those who will listen, the means to elevate one’s true self. A good trainer inspires you in the moment, but a great one offers you ways to sustain that inspiration long after you have left the building” — A.J Minai

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