CER is not only a powerful tool for both job creation and wealth generation, it also provides a platform for market expansion and fosters innovation, as well as empowers startups to create solutions to everyday problems while creating economic opportunities.

  • CER For Corporate

    CER connects corporates with entrepreneurs, facilitates innovation, helps corporates confront disruption and create future economies. The collaborations also help the corporates to introduce more agility to their operations, disrupt existing business models, provide access to adjacent markets and adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset.

  • CER For Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs gain access to the resources, mentoring, market opportunities and networks that the corporates have in hand. CER also facilitates an environment where entrepreneurs can build viable, innovative solutions that address real business problems and fast-track the growth of their ideas.



A platform for corporations and SMEs across various industries and startup communities to capitalize on disruptive technologies and build a continuous innovation pipeline through partnerships. Through the Startup Corporate Open Innovation Challenge Platform by MaGIC Activate, the innovation challenges will bridge corporates with entrepreneurs to uncover revolutionary innovative solutions.

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CER Circle Partner Benefits

Join the MaGIC CER Circle to create your own business challenge on MaGIC Activate Corporate Open Innovation Challenge Platform. By joining the CER Circle community, you are automatically eligible to apply for the business challenges.

  • Partnership

    Potential to meet partners in developing your organisation’s innovation agenda and fuel cross-industry learnings and solve cross-border challenges

  • Host Challenges

    Access to host business challenges on the MaGIC Activate Startup Corporate Open Innovation Challenge Platform

  • Connections

    Connect with entrepreneurs, investors and other leaders

  • Priority Exposure

    Priority exposure to game-changing startups and other innovative solutions and products

  • Opportunities

    Priority access and opportunities to be supporting partners of MaGIC’s Corporate Innovation Days as well as other CER events


MaGIC Activate

An open innovation challenge platform that connects private sector players with a global community of entrepreneurs. A collaborative effort launched by MaGIC and Techstars, MA is an initiative by MaGIC Ventures in partnership with Techstars Startup Program to foster collaboration between corporate innovators and and startups to work on innovative solutions to corporate or industry challenges.

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  • Corporates

    Tap into the startup community to find innovative solutions to your organizational or industry challenges.

  • Startups and Innovators

    Take up the challenge and create innovative to corporate and industry challenges. Be the first to hear about exciting new commercial opportunities.

Join the Challenge

Take part in the MaGIC Activate Startup Corporate Open Innovation Challenge Platform

  • Meet Potential Clients

    Looking to increase your customer base? By joining the business challenge, you will meet corporates from various industries. You will be kept under MaGIC’s radar for connection opportunities with relevant parties.

  • Refine Product/Technology

    Looking for product validation? Receive feedback from corporates to refine and enhance your innovative product or solution. Business challenge prizes include an opportunity to work on a prototype with a corporation.

  • Market Expansion

    Looking for market expansion? Winning a business challenge enables you to gain market access through the corporate sponsor of the challenge, a fast and effective way to accelerate your enterprise and surpass competitors

  • Boost Reputation

    Looking to increase your brand presence? Present your product or solution to a corporation to increase brand awareness. The winner of the business challenge will receive media opportunities and recognition for your contribution to the corporation.

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