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Innovation in Healthcare Bootcamp FAQ

On Programme

Yes. We will share all ideas proposed and teams joining the bootcamp before we kick off. This will give you the opportunity to join other teams. Teams will be looking for others skilled in fields of marketing, technology, design, or data. Hence your application should highlight your talent area or area of expertise.

Yes. You can join the bootcamp as an individual. Before the bootcamp begins we will share your proposed idea for others to express an interest to join you and form a team.

No you don’t. All you need is a good idea and/or a strong desire with relevant skills to be part of a startup team. You will prepare your business plan during the bootcamp.

This may be an indication that your proposed idea is not strong enough, yet. You will have the opportunity to refine your idea with others on Day 0 of the bootcamp. If you fail to find any team members on Day 0 too, you will be asked to join other teams. Hence you need to have a skillset where you can be contributing to other teams.

We recommend that every team has at least 3 members and no more than 5. Team members should bring specific skills in business, marketing, technology, design, and data.

You don’t need to form a team if your other team members are also participating. However, if you are short of team members (at least 3 people per team), we will ask you to find other team members at the start of the bootcamp.

MaGIC Bootcamps are team exercises. Startups succeed when there is a great team behind an idea. We want you to experience what it means to build rapport and be part of a well functioning team.

Pitch day is an opportunity to pitch your business-ready ideas to our invited guests including our invited investors. Pitch day is when you bring all the learning from the bootcamp together to showcase your unique value proposition and commercial model.

Demo day is an exhibition of your product/service. This is where our invited guests and industry experts will get to see a demonstration of your product/service. Our audience will also be interested in understanding the traction you have made with new customers and revenue since completing the bootcamp training. This will be your opportunity to share the progress you have made with your cohort and our guests.

We will share the list of successful applicants and their proposed ideas before the bootcamp begins. At the start of the bootcamp you will get to meet them personally and learn about their ideas and experiences.

We recommend you read the books “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries and “The Startup Owner’s Manual” by Steve Blank. We will share a few further readings before the bootcamp begins.

Each day starts around 8:30am and ends around 6pm. There will be some exceptions – the daily schedule will be shared before the start of the bootcamp. Please bear in mind that team exercises and preparation is needed before each day. There will be time between 6:30pm and 10pm to do this.

Our coaches and mentors are industry experts, and some of them are international. Speakers are with deep expertise in their particular subject and/or successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. The list of coaches, mentors, and speakers will be updated on our webpage in due course. You can check out some of the names from our past bootcamps.

You should look at our GAP (Global Accelerator Programme). The accelerator is meant for startups who have launched and already have some traction. GAP will help accelerate your startup growth through a 4-month programme and will be a good fit if you are considering expanding to other ASEAN countries. MaGIC Bootcamp is for those who are starting out and still in the validation or development stage. If you need help to identify which programme is meant for you, please reach out to us on

On Application

We are looking for a strong desire to learn innovation and entrepreneurship. This can be evidenced in several ways – by proposing a problem statement or an idea you want to work on, by coming together as a team of individuals with complimentary skills in business, marketing, and design, and by submitting a video telling us what you want to get out of this bootcamp.

A strong professional background will impress us. So will a background in marketing, technology, design, or data – all the skills we believe are needed for being part of a team. Remember to highlight specific achievements and accomplishments as part of your education or your career.

You can, as long as you have a valid work permit or student pass with at least 6 months still remaining on the permit. We do not support visa applications for foreigners.

You need to be at least 18 years old before the bootcamp begins.

If you are proposing an idea or a problem statement, we hope to see why you believe this is a problem worth solving. We also want to see why you are so passionate about this. If you are submitting your application as part of a team, kindly ensure that all team members are part of the video. Keep the video short, 60 seconds is ideal length.

As an individual, you can propose an idea at the time of your application. Other successful applicants can see your proposed idea and decide to join you. Teams will be formed at the start of the bootcamp. This will be explained and facilitated when you join.

On Closing and Post Bootcamp

You will receive a certificate of participation.

There are no prizes. Each team will be prepared and given the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of industry experts and investors on Pitch day.

We do not guarantee an investment. We have a large network of investors where we can make introductions should your idea fit their requirements. Typically investors are always keen on looking at ideas graduating from our bootcamps.

Our mentors are available post completion of the bootcamp for a period of at least 3 months. They will help you prepare for your eventual Demo day when you and your team come back to show us the product and progress you have made in the 3 month period. There will also be regular online/virtual meetups with the cohort where we will share further learnings and discuss issues with all the participating teams.

On Platform & Toolkit

MaGIC bootcamps are based on the teaching of innovation-driven entrepreneurship by MIT. Alongside the bootcamp, you will be given access to an online Disciplined Entrepreneurship toolkit where you can work on your idea with your team. The toolkit will also be available to you post bootcamp for a period of 3 months up until Demo day.

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship toolkit is available to you and your team for a period of 3 months up until your Demo day.

On General

It will be at Klang Valley. Exact details will be shared with successful applicants before the bootcamp begins.

Yes, accommodation will be provided for the period of the bootcamp.

Costs for this will not be reimbursed.

We do not provide or support any visa applications for the bootcamp.

Please bring comfortable clothing for the bootcamp days. This means casual clothes are ok, but please do dress respectful of others. We recommend you carry smart clothes for Pitch day.