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On General

In order for us to assess and choose the joining teams, you have to submit your initial idea.

Not necessarily, as we will have module to guide you to build business model.

MaGIC Cyberjaya, Malaysia unless it is stated elsewhere.

Yes, food and accommodation will be provided for the period of the bootcamp.

Costs for this will not be reimbursed.

Please bring comfortable clothing for the bootcamp days. This means casual clothes are okay, but please do dress respectfully with others.

2 person in a team, Founder and Co-Founder/Tech expert.

This is part of our effort to provide continuous support to grow startups under our program according to our learning path. The bootcamp is a funnel towards bigger programs such as Accelerator and PUSH.

If you are not registered yet, you can do it once you are selected upon the bootcamp commencement. If your company is registered, you will be able to use the benefits such as legal services, cloud services etc from our partners.

You will meet them and connect with them on the first day

We will include the pre-work together with the onboarding deck which will be sent to the participants a week prior to bootcamp commencement.

Each day starts around 8:30 am and ends around 6 pm. There will be some exceptions – the daily schedule will be shared before the start of the bootcamp. Please bear in mind that team exercises and preparation is needed before each day. There will be time between 6:30 pm and 10 pm to do this.

Our coaches and mentors are industry experts, and some of them are international. Speakers are with deep expertise in their particular subject and/or successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. The list of coaches, mentors, and speakers will be updated in our onboarding deck to the participants.

It is discourage for you to apply for various bootcamp programmes simultaneously as we would like to give other startups/enterprises a fair chance to be part of the programme as well.

On Application

We are looking for a strong desire to learn innovation and entrepreneurship. This can be evidenced in several ways – by proposing a problem statement or an idea you want to work on, by coming together as a team of individuals with complementary skills in business, marketing, and design, and by submitting a video telling us what you want to get out of this bootcamp.

You can, as long as you have a valid work permit or student pass with at least 6 months still remaining on the permit. We do not support visa applications for foreigners.

You need to be at least 18 years old before the bootcamp begins.

You should explain about your idea, current stage of your startups and team strength.

On Specific Programme Track

Topics that will be conducted in this particular bootcamp programme includes Initial Market, Value Creation, Competitive Advantages, Customer Acquisition, Product Unit Economics, Sales, Overall Economics and Design & Build MVP.

*Subjected to changes at any given time by MaGIC’s administration.

Yes, you are able to apply for the programme. However, it is highly encouraged for you to register as an entity and have at least a team of two to acquire the Benefits Package.

Agriculture Bootcamp

Yes, it is highly encouraged for you to apply to this programme. All sectors that contribute to the agriculture industry are welcomed.

Yes. Innovation is an integral part of MaGIC’s approach towards providing a platform that pushes for sustainable transformation towards our agriculture system. The content on the topics chosen will be circulated accordingly .

Innovation in Education Bootcamp

Yes you are able to but make sure you have at least an idea to propose and be a team of at least two, to participate.

Yes, it is possible if you are selected for the pitching sessions during Investors week.

Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Yes, it is highly encouraged for you to apply. If chosen,you will be funneled to bigger programmes by MaGIC such as PUSH and possibly acquire the Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) certification, legitimising your organisation to grow further.

No, there is no specific criteria on types of social causes represented. Any social entrepreneurs are welcomed to apply for this programme.

Deep Tech Bootcamp

Deep tech is that set of cutting-edge and disruptive technologies based on scientific discoveries, engineering, mathematics, physics and medicine.

Industries that are applying the use of Deep Tech include life science, computing, food and agri tech, aerospace, energy and clean-tech, industrial technologies, telecom, new materials, etc..

Key areas in deep tech that this bootcamp is focusing on are Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Quantum, Advanced materials, biotechnology, Blockhain, etc.

*Subjected to changes at any given time by MaGIC’s administration.

On Closing and Post Bootcamp

Yes, you will receive an online certificate.

There is no prizes as this is a guided learning to get you launch your product/services.

No, it is entirely depending on you as we will only guide you.

We will have post bootcamp workshops such as IP Commercialization, Product Development, Early Investment, Legal 101, Operation Excellence and others which will be notified accordingly.

We will also select the best bootcamp startups to be part of Bootcamp Demo Day. We will inform the startups to submit pitch deck for selection purposes. This will be updated accordingly as well.

On Platform and Toolkit

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox (DE Toolbox) is a set of 24-processes that could help bootcamp participants to build a healthy and successful startup.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox (DE Toolbox) is only available for a limited time.
If you wish to continue the use of DE Toolbox, you are required to purchase a license.