Asean Centre of Entrepreneurship


Hubs and co-working spaces

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 Makespace Makespace caters to corporate and communities to run workshops, talks, brainstorming sessions, team building, hackathons, performances, parties and we welcome collaborations.
Makespace is also a funky joint to inspire and create. We have tools available to turn ideas into reality and at the same time be surrounded by like minded people.
2 Nook Co-working space in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur
3 The Co The Co. is one of South East Asia’s fastest growing entrepreneurial communities, offering innovators a premium work experience that uniquely weaves life and business together. Everything we do orientates towards a successful business adventure.
Discover our diverse collection of spaces and services created to make it easy for you to land in the company of great people, scout the neighbourhood and build your life’s work.
4 The Protege The Protege Hub is a fun workspace where you can either work on your own or meet, synergize and work with like-minded people
so what is this, exactly ?:
in a nutshell, we are a sovo (small office, virtual office) . beside offering a more professional outlook on your work/business/project, our space is a solution to the distraction, mundanity and isolation of working at home. in this creative,anti-office space, your work gets done in a conducive environment with all basic business facilities you would need. that includes all the coffee that you need,too.
is this for me? : your own thing and work from the comfort of your home. but have you ever contemplated a change of scenery and having a slightly more structured, a bit more professional space to do your thing and meet your clients?
The gist reports that the ‘new’ workstyle is where people are mobile, connected, self-sufficient, virtual and productive.
Protege Business Suite Block A, Lot 2, 3rd Floor,
Bundusan Plaza, Bundusan Rd, Penampang Kota Kinabalu Sabah 88300 MY
5 The Success Factory Co-working space in Subang Jaya Selangor


Government agencies

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. Govt-owned seed fund & angel tax incentive processing office KL
2 MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad) Govt-owned VC (largest in Malaysia) KL
3 MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Govt agency overseeing MSC Malaysia and Digital Malaysia implementation Selangor


Private sector participants

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 Founder Institute Early stage accelerator and global launch network. KL
2 iCube Innovation iCube Innovation Sdn Bhd is an incubator innovation center (10,000 sq. ft) for Sarawak’s young enterpreneurs. It is designed to facilitate the creation and growth of entrepreneurs through collaboration and co-incubation. iCube nurture and takes you to the next level. Whether you are already in the midst of a project; had a spark of genius with creative ideas in mind but do not know where or how to begin; OR you are seeking to be a part of a dynamic community with a great mind alike, iCube is all set to breed and hatch! Here is a common ground that provides you with the essential office facilities, services, networking, training and mentoring, all to kick off and maximize your business initiatives! B424-B432, Block B, Level 4, ICOM Square 93450 Sarawak, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
3 MAD Incubator Leading incubator & co-working space in Sunway, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya. KL
4 MBAN (Malaysian Business Angel Network) Angel investor group. KL
5 (Global Entrepreneurship Sdn. Bhd.) Events, bootcamps, annual accelerator programs etc. KL


Communities & FB groups

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 JOMWEB JOMWEB is an initiative by local developer communities to empower and enrich the IT industry in Malaysia. We believe in the concept of sharing knowledge in further strengthening this industry to the next level. Online
2 LVL.UP KL Focused on technical, design, creative, social and entrepreneurial skills. KL
3 Startup Johor To educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. JB
4 Startup Mamak Monthly meet-up to nurture, inspire and uplift. KL
5 Startup Penang Online community for startups in Penang. Penang


Startup relevant press & media

No. Organisation Description Location Website
1 Digital News Asia News portal covering ICT ecosystem (based in KL, with SEA focus) Selangor


Government Grants and Funding

No. Fund Organisation Description Max Funding
1 Business Expansion Fund (BEF) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) Helps Bumiputera business entities that are technology-based and involved in specific technology clusters expand their operations internationally. (flexible loan with no collateral) 45,000,000.00
2 Business Growth Fund (BGF) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) Provides hybrid grant-equity funding which acts as a transition and a bridge from grant to VC financing. The financial assistant is a mix of two components – a grant portion and an equity portion that is similarly structured but more flexible than VC financing. 10,000,000.00
3 Business Start-up Fund (BSF) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) Support and encourage entrepreneurship; creation of new strategic businesses that are important and potentially scalable; and funding of supporting companies within a technology eco-system. Incorporates elements of loan and equity, offering companies flexible funding via Convertible Notes (CN) and/or Preference Shares. 5,000,000.00
4 CIP 500 Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. CIP 500 was introduced as a specific measure to bridge the existing seed/commercialisation funding gap in the Malaysian technology funding ecosystem. The aim is to create companies that are sizeable, sustainable or venture capitalist (VC)-fundable. 500,000.00
5 CIP Catalyst Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. Pre-seed conditional grant to teams of innovative individuals with innovative, technology-based ideas in the ICT, non-ICT and high growth technology industries. Recipients are given a 12-month period to complete the development of their prototypes or proofs-of-concept. 150,000.00
6 Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund (CRDF 1) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) CRDF 1 is a grant for the commercialisation of R&D output from public and private University (PPU) / Government Research Institute (GRI) by a Spin-Off company (“Syarikat Terbitan University, STU”). A spin off company is defined as a company with local Public and Private University/Government Research Institution ownership.
Under this fund, the STU is required to operate their business from any recognised Technology Centers locally. The company is also required to focus their commercialisation activities on business development while producing their product via out-sourcing mode.
7 Commercialisation of Research & Development Fund (CRDF 3) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) CRDF 3 is divided into 2 categories for the respective sectors as shown below:-
1. CRDF 3(a) is a grant for the commercialisation of any local R&D by SME; and
2. CRDF 3(b) is a grant for the commercialisation of public sector R&D by a non-SME.
8 MAC3 Fund – Co-Production MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) The Co-Production Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to a project within the Eligible Project Categories to be co-produced by a Malaysian company and one or more foreign company(ies). Each co-production is made in accordance with an agreement entered into between the aforesaid parties, whereby all relevant rights, responsibilities, specific requirements and project milestones are clearly set out. 1,000,000.00
9 MAC3 Fund – Development MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Development Fund focuses on the development stage of the Project, the stage where it involves idea generation, production design, market research and marketing analysis. The development stage is defined as a planning phase of the Project. This includes development of the idea into working script, research and development (R&D) of the concept, business plans, and preparation of documents which are investor-friendly. In a filmmaking, for example, the development stage is where the ideas for the film are created, rights to books/plays are acquired, and the screenplay is written. Whereas for pre-production, preparations are made for the filming, in which cast and film crew are hired, filming locations are selected and filming sets are built. Applicants with new project/IP/idea within the Eligible Project Categories (including projects from the Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC)) are encouraged to apply for funding under the Development Fund. 1,000,000.00
10 MAC3 Fund – Production MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Production Fund focuses on the production stage of the project, which involves the activity of creating, assembling, aggregating and generally producing or generating content. 1,000,000.00
11 MyCreative Ventures Fund MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd Funding for business offerings within the creative industry as guided by the Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara by Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, which includes visual & performing arts, music, literature, content creation, fashion and design and traditional & cultural arts.
12 PCF (Product Development and Commercialisation Fund) MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) Product Development & Commercialisation Fund (PCF) is aimed at assisting local MSC Malaysia Status Companies to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative, market driven product/solutions/services as well as increasing the creation of Intellectual Property for commercialisation. 750,000.00
13 Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF) MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) Facilitates the acquisition of foreign technologies for immediate incorporation into the company’s manufacturing activity. TAF’s partial grant enables companies to avoid expensive and often risky technology development stages. The acquisition of technology could be in the form of acquiring know-how / IP exploitation / rights / blueprints via one of the following methods. 2,000,000.00


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