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  • Fundamentals of Design Thinking

    event / Training/Course12 May 2018

    Get an Early Bird Discount up to 80% off by sending us an email for Promotional Code to soepromo@mymagic.my  Discount is for a limited time and limited number of tickets only!! Session Summary  Since a couple of years ago, the…Read More

  • Design Thinking Essentials

    event / Educ8 Courses25 November 2017

    About the Event Design thinking offers a systematic approach to innovation, the processes and tools towards becoming innovatively inclined in the workplace. We need to look at fresh ways to solve problems and issues, rather than depend on overused templates.…Read More

  • Design Thinking for Startups

    Event / Course24 January 2018

    Session Summary Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Design Thinking can give your startup a competitive…Read More

  • Design Thinking 101

    Event / Course6 November 2017

    Participants will be introduced to the 5W1H ( What, Why, When, Where, Who and How) of Design Thinking and apply the same concept to increase user experience, drive organic growth and innovation.

  • Design Thinking & Product Simulation

    Event / Course27 August 2017

    Design Thinking & Product Simulation’ program is a launch pad for initiating, redirecting, or accelerating a career in product development technology and innovation.

    Participants are expected to apply what they have learnt in the program to catalyze innovation in Malaysian SME technology companies and/ or build their own product design technology start-ups. Adoption of the transnational research methodology is part of the program in ensuring the Design Thinking approach is understood by participants.

    Join this session to get 2-hour sneak preview of 5-Day program on Design Thinking & Product Simulation

  • Design (Innovation and Design Thinking)

    Event / Course23 May 2017

    Design Thinking is an important tool for looking at the bigger picture, creating greater vision and long-term thinking. This course aims to looks at how everything is related, connected and how these can be brought together to achieve the ultimate goal. Join this session to get 2 hour sneak preview of 2 day program on design thinking.

  • Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshops: Design Thinking

    Event / Course9 March 2016

    Design matters. Speed matters. Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems. We will use design thinking to involve your team to continually challenge yourself to be creative and innovative.

  • Meet design thinking: An approach to problem solving that can increase the probability of breakthrough in innovation

    News / e2724 February 2017

    For many people, no matter the job, they naturally want to improve. CEOs like to increase earnings, account managers like to close deals, marketers like to increase sales. It is a matter of real pleasure to get better at any job…

  • Introduction To Design Thinking 101 – Part 1

    event / 4 May 2016

    Design thinking is a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation.It’s a creative and collaborative process that can be used to innovate around any issue, and it’s fun! In this hands-on workshop you will learn what design thinking is and learn to…Read More

  • Design Thinking Product Development

    event14 April 2016

    Developing a working product is a challenging task and should be constantly reviewed during the entire product life-cycle. This workshop shows you the key elements and life-cycle to develop your product, from design, UI/UX, to the user testing. Participants will…Read More

  • Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshops: Design Thinking

    event9 March 2016

    Startup Weekend MaGIC Workshop A series of program leading up to the next installation of Startup Weekend MaGIC Hackathon. The topics that will be covered in a 2 – hour workshop are based on the elements within Startup Weekend hackathon…Read More

  • Genovasi: Design Thinking Bootcamp 2015

    event11 August 2015

    The Design Thinking Bootcamp offers executives the chance to learn Design Thinking – a structured human-centred approach to innovation that leverages multidisciplinary teams, flexible environments and a creative process that can be applied to product, service, and business design. Objectives…Read More

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