• TheLorry Menerima Suntikan Dana Sebanyak $1.5 Juta – Ingin Memperluaskan Perkhidmatan
    TheLorry Menerima Suntikan Dana Sebanyak $1.5 Juta…
    February 5, 2016
  • BeMalas Menerima Suntikan Dana Daripada DeNA, Fenox Venture Capital Dan RIMU Group
    BeMalas Menerima Suntikan Dana Daripada DeNA, Fenox…
    February 5, 2016
  • Bootstrap mentality is a key ingredient for startup success — with or without funding
    Bootstrap mentality is a key ingredient for…
    February 5, 2016
  • 5 Startups In M’sia To Help With Same-Day Deliveries—Because Time Is Money
    5 Startups In M’sia To Help With…
    February 4, 2016
The ASEAN Work‐Life Balance Conference: “Creating Prosperity, Fulfilling Lives”

Feb 23, 2016

    About the ASEAN Work-Life Balance Project The ASEAN Work-Life Balance Project aims to make evidence-based recommendations to national governments in ASEAN with respect to inclusive, conducive and holistic…

Tech in Asia Tour 2016: Kuala Lumpur (Road To Singapore)

Mar 15, 2016

Tech in Asia Tour: Road to Singapore 2016 is a 8-city search in Asia for the best startups to showcase at Tech in Asia Conference. The tour will touch down in…

Tan Sri Dr Irwan : MaGIC Establishment

With the establishment of MaGIC, we hope to nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial hub in the region and create an ecosystem that is collaborative and provide the necessary support to the development of entrepreneurs.

Tan Sri Dr. Irwan, Chairman of MaGIC
Cheryl Yeoh: MaGIC Establishment

Our team here at MaGIC is made out of a group of dedicated, entrepreneurial people who are passionate about building the startup ecosystem, #DemiNegara.

Cheryl Yeoh, CEO of MaGIC
President Barrack Obama launched MaGIC
MaGIC Academy
Join some of the world’s top thought leaders on business development, product management and growth hacking in Cyberjaya this fall to learn all the tips & tricks of global innovators.

Stanford Go2Market
We are looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to commercialize intellectual property, ideas and research. Apply now to learn from world-renowned Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty.

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